copying the entire layer stack

60 Second Photoshop Tips – Copying the Entire Layer Stack

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In this episode of 60 Second Photoshop Tips, learn how to quickly copy the entire layer stack.


      1. James Pharaon

        Isn’t the fact that Photoshop bundles all the layers into one layer in the new document essentially make it a smart object, though?

        1. Matt K

          Nope. Smart objects are different. And they’re a concept that most people don’t use, so I tend to not teach it unless it’s something I just can’t do without them.

  1. Dennis Zito

    Hi Matt,

    What if I want to copy all the layers over to a new document? Say, I’m working on a Template and I have a bunch of layers, and now I want to copy all those layers into a new document so I don’t have to duplicate them all over again.



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