60 Second Photoshop Tips – Dodge and Burn

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In this episode of 60 Second Photoshop tips, learn a great keyboard shortcut to quickly switch between the Dodge and Burn tools.


  1. Zincan Yanagie

    Only “Digital”-SLR use age, how many people know origin of dodge and burn tool… I like Jedi force hand and cut a cardboard paper.

    May the photo be with you.

  2. Donna Couture

    Hi Matt – Quick question – Do you always dodge and burn directly on your photo layer? Most videos I’ve seen recommend dodging and burning using a 50% gray layer.

    1. Matt K

      Hi Donna – all that does is keep your changes separate on a layer, and is more non-destructive. I think it’s a good practice when you’re first starting out, since sometimes, we learn as we go. And maybe you decide later you don’t like your changes and want to go back. For me personally, I’ve become mostly confident when I’m changing something. So a layered and totally non-destructive workflow isn’t quite as important.

  3. Jim Dole

    Thanks for this great tip. Really appreciate it. 2 questions: When are you coming to Columbus, Ohio and 2: I have LR 5 and PS 5. Do I really need to upgrade to CC and is it worth doing that? Thanks for your response. God Bless.

    1. Matt K

      Hi Jim.
      Thanks 🙂
      1) No plans right now, but hopefully soon.
      2) Yes, you do. You’re using a version of Photoshop that’s 7 years old. You’re in to photography – perhaps one of the most expensive hobbies you could find. You probably spent hundreds on camera bags in the last 2 years. Invest $9.99/month in your software to keep it up to date. It’s well worth it.
      In fact, I have a deal with Adobe where my viewers can get the first year of the CC Photography Plan (LR/PS) for 7.99 month. Here’s the link: https://mattk.com/adobecc
      Just do it. Stop worry about the subscription. Your photos are locked in the cloud, you’re not bound to Adobe forever if you don’t want. It’s just a good deal.
      Good luck!

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