resetting to default colors

60 Second Photoshop Tips – Resetting to Default Colors

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In this episode of 60 Second Photoshop Tips, learn a quick way to reset your foreground and background colors to their default of black and white.


  1. Paul Lachapelle

    Thank’s Matt

    Your tips are short,precise and helpful.

    Looking forward for your next tips…

  2. Randy

    Great tip (per usual)!
    I am curious, though: Am I imagining things or do you seem to lean toward keyboard shortcuts as a rule (vs using icons or menu pulldowns)?
    Is this your personal style or is there a more logical reason for your choice?
    Either way is fine; I was more curious than anything.
    Keep up the most excellent work, sir!

    1. Matt K

      Hi Randy – Most photoshop users lean towards keyboard shortcuts as they get more comfortable. It’s just one of those things that tend to speed things up.

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