Showing a before and after

60 Second Photoshop Tips – Showing a Before and After

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It’s always handy to see a before and after of your image while editing in Photoshop to check your progress. Matt shows you a quick way to do just that.


  1. Carl Ouellet

    Best of luck in your new professional life Matt. I really like the way you teach. I have seen most of your classes at I really like your class from start to finish, I mean the gear needed, the techniques used to get the pictures and the post process. It does give kind of a work ethic as well as to be well organized. Was nice to see you on the Grid again.


  2. Willem van der Post

    Hi Matt
    My best wishes to both of you in this new venture. These concise tips are really helpful.
    Best regards
    Willem van der Post
    South Africa

  3. Mark Day

    Hi Matt,
    How would you do this in Full Screen mode (when the layer panel eyeballs are not available?)

    Many thanks,

    Mark Day

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