An Awesome Lightroom Sky Tip for Landscape Photographers

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Here’s a quick tip that shows you how to amp up a boring sky using Lightroom.


  1. Gladys

    Thanks for the tip, Matt. I am guilty of using the highlights slider ( could I possibly have learned it from you on other videos back in the day )? I love these short videos. They don’t take long to watch but there’s so much information. Thanks again.

    1. Gladys

      My comment about learning to use the slider from you was “tongue in cheek”. I added a smiley so that you knew I was kidding, but it didn’t show once I submitted the comment.

  2. Alfredo

    Thanks for the video Matt. I enjoy reading your blog.

    I see people pull back the highlights 100% and pull up the shadows 100% all the time. That is going to result in color shifts and other artifacts. A better approach is to blend in a darker exposure using luminosity masks in Photoshop. You’ll get much better results.

  3. Michael Housewright

    I would really enjoy doing some 1 to 1 or small group training with you. I am a pro who does work for Vineyard and Wine Industry publications. I do not see on your site that you are still doing this type of training.

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  5. Colin Hegan

    Thanks Matt. Great tip. Does this work better for Raw pics compared
    to jpegs ?

    1. Author
      Matt K

      Hey Colin. Thanks. Yes, your raw photos would have some more wiggle room when it comes to shadows and highlights. But try it on JPEGs too. It works on anything. Just may work better on some.

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