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Hey everyone. Last week I did a free webinar over at onOne Software called The 5 Golden Rules for Editing Your Landscape Photos. In the webcast I mentioned that I have some presets I use for clouds in onOne’s Perfect Effects (not in Lightroom). I was going to email them out, but it’s probably easier to just post them here rather than clog up everyone’s inbox. So…

1) Here’s a link to the webcast if you want to watch it.
2) Here’s a link to download the presets. To install, first unzip the file you just downloaded (do not try to use the zip file, it won’t work). Then open Perfect Effects, go to the top menu under Preset > Import Presets and choose the presets you just unzipped. You’ll find 3 different versions of the cloud presets under the Presets tab on the left hand side.

NOTE: Again, make sure you unzip the zip file or this won’t work 🙂

Enjoy and Have a good one!


  1. Kristen H.

    Oops! Looks like the link for the presets didn’t work as it’s not hyperlinked.

  2. Valerie Gallaway

    Hi Matt,
    There’s no download link for the 3 cloud presets.

  3. Erik Fransman

    Please let me know when the preset link is available. Thanks.

  4. Hal Mola

    There is no Presets listed on the top menu. Is because I have the free version?

  5. Paul Pokrywka

    Will these work if I am not using the “CC” or cloud version?

  6. Stephen

    Many thanks for these Matt!

    I watched the ‘5 Golden Rules’ tutorial and what you mentioned about ‘black’ clouds rung a few bells with me – I’ve been guilty as charged in a lot of cases with doing just that. The presets and the explanation you gave will certainly be useful here.

    When I’m shooting for HDR, I don’t mind emphasising the sky from the under-expose image (I usually take 3 @ +2, 0 & -2) too much because I often want the sky to be an integral part of the image, if not the focus of attention. But for landscapes that look ‘natural’, I can honestly say I’m going to be using these presets a lot as part of my workflow in LR5 and Perfect Effects.

    1. Author
      Matt Kloskowski

      Hey Stephen – Thanks. Glad it helped. It’s okay to emphasize the sky by keeping it darker. I do it a lot too. It’s just those black clouds that start to make things look a little over the top. Good luck!

  7. Robin Horton

    Thanks for the presets Matt, very useful as was the tutorial, the fact that you guys at Kelby 1 give so much away and provide such help is really appreciated, thanks again.

  8. Hank Huyser

    Hey Matt!! Sorry I missed the “live” webcast. I was in the Netherlands with extended family on a memorial trip for my deceased father. But, I DID download the youtube for viewing offline, and now downloaded the preset you made…

    Miss being able to see you when I was in Jersey, and able to get to the Javitz in NYC.

    Shoot me an email?


  9. Vivian S. Bedoya

    Thank you for the presets! I purchased Perfect Photo Suite 8 recently and haven’t worked with it much. After watching ‘5 Golden Rules of Editing Landscape Photos’ I’m eager to delve into it!

  10. Vinny Gogluicci

    Hi Matt,
    When I had Perfect Effects 8, you had some great presets. I’ve upgraded to Perfect Photo Suite 9 Premium and noticed your presets are gone. Will they be available for the new version?

    1. Vinny Gogluicci

      Wait…I found them! Glad they are still there, I found them very useful. Thanks!

  11. Kortney Dibert

    I have downloaded the files and when I try to import the preset into Lightroom there is nothing there. Am I doing something wrong?


    I wish the webcast link worked still.

    Is it on youtube? at On1’s channel?

  13. Chris K.

    Hi Matt thanks for these but got a couple questins
    1, I just got ON1 Photo RAW but when I go to import it doesn’t see your presets.
    2, Also I have your Matt’s collection presets for ON1 Photo 10 that you gave out free but how do I get them over to ON1 RAW? thank you

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