Video: How to Add Sun Flares to Your Photos

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Here’s a fun and creative way to add some life to your photos in Adobe Photoshop, ON1 or Affinity. Plus, you can download the free overlay image that I used in the video!

Download Link for the Sun Flare Image:

Photos Credit Robin Reiss Photography –


  1. JackieG

    I would really love to learn how you create the flare itself. How about a tutorial on how to make flares of different kinds?

  2. John Mills

    Nice tip Matt, and thanks for the download.

    For colorizing in ON1 Effects what filters/tools would you recommend?

  3. Sharine Borslien

    Thanks, Matt. This is a cool technique! Like JackieG, I would like to know how to create the flares so I can use them on my own photos that I plan to sell, thus avoiding copyright infringement 🙂

  4. Laura Blotske

    WOW!!! You’re amazing and love this! This will save me a lot of headaches! Thanks Matt!!!

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