• May 2, 2017 at 5:32 pm #14508

    Matt – Today I took another look at the module about cloning the drive where we keep our photos. I thought I fully understood the backup situation in LR but this has confused me.
    I have my Photos folder on a Drive #1 like you have. Individual folders are in there for specific projects and jobs. And I make a back up of those folders with my photos each time I create one and put photos in it. And I have a backup drive plugged all the time so I figured I’m in good shape.

    BUT. I’ve just re-watched your module that mentions using SuperDuper to clone drive #1 onto Drive #2. And now I’m really confused.

    You talk in this module about needing keep your changed photos current on both drive #1 and #2. But how are changes to our photos even getting onto Drive 1 in the first place? That’s where I put my raw files right off the SD cards. I thought when we backup our LR catalogue, it’s only the catalogue being backed up not the images on Drive 1. So how are the images themselves being changed? I thought we were only changing the instructions about the images, hence the need to back up the catalogue. I don’t understand how a program like SuperDuper is helping. I’m really confused by this. Is there an easy way to clarify or have I hopelessly confused myself (and I hope not others too).

    May 18, 2017 at 7:26 pm #14855
    Matt K

    Hi Mallory – changes are getting in to drive 1 because that’s the drive that’s attached and the one I’m working from. Then I clone it to Drive 2 when I need to.

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