• July 16, 2017 at 1:35 pm #16686

    Hello Matt,
    Maybe you help me with this situation and lightroom.
    In the catalog settings I have the two first option set and the “write changes to XMP” not set since I find annoying to keep track of those.
    I’m working with a lot of old files that was shooted in jpg format. Those are all in lightroom now.
    I did several adjustments to those files in lightroom, and now all the files that I edit have that symbol that inform that the metadata data needs to be updated. Since those are jpg and because jpg will loose informating every time I edit and save the question is:
    – Committing the metadata to disk will only add/replace the information of lightroom to the file structure/header, but keeping the file compression/quality intact, or it will replace the file with a new one with Lr settings and a new compression. If this is the case I’ll loose quality on those files, and I don’t want to loose the original quality of the file.
    What should I do in this scenario or what is lightroom doing behind the scene so I can safely keep my originals? I know that for raw files Lr never touches the original but for jpg I’m not sure.
    Thanks in advance for you time

    July 18, 2017 at 10:22 pm #18494
    Matt K

    Hi. You are correct with the first assumption. It just changes the info that LR looks at.
    Think of it this way… absolutely NOTHING you do in Lightroom can ever affect the quality of the photo itself permanently. LR never owns the photo. It’s always only referencing them (JPG or Raw). So nothing you do in LR actually changes the photo itself. Hope that helps out. Thx.

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