• August 13, 2017 at 12:14 am #21402

    Two problems with Lightroom Mobile regarding this topic:
    1 – Sending Photos directly through mobile sync circumvents the watermark tool found in export. So, without first exporting, your photos in mobile will NOT have the watermark.
    2 – You can’t sync smart collections to Lightroom mobile.

    Until Adobe gets its head straight on Lightroom mobile, this is what I’ve done?
    1 – Create a folder in Lightroom and name it something associated with its final use. For this exercise, name it “test1”
    2 – Create a smart collection that has it single criteria: Folders = test 1. For this exercise, name this smart collection “test2”. This means that whatever is exported into “test1” is automatically included in the smart collection.

    So, when I have pictures heading for Mobile, I do the following:
    1 – On the export module, I ensure the photos are exported to “test1”, and watermark is clicked on
    2- If done correctly, the photo will show up automatically in the smart collection “test2”
    3 – I then select the pictures out of “test2” and drag them into a standard collection that is already set up for linking to Lightroom mobile. I have to do this because you can’t sync Lightroom mobile to a smart collection.

    Anyway, it works. There may be easier ways of doing this and if so, please share. Also punch any holes into the above. Always looking to improve, or wise enough to know this human makes errors.


    August 14, 2017 at 1:25 pm #21438
    Matt K

    Looks good to me!

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