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    Hi, Matt,
    I have used PCs on Windows OS my whole professional and personal life. I always thought Apple was for artists and windows was for everyone else. But since taking up photography 5 years ago, I’m not sure if I still fit in the “everyone else” category.

    Recently I heard that the Apple OS has the benefits of being faster, more reliable, and more secure than Windows and that, in fact, Apple users don’t even need to run a virus check software (which always slows down Windows computers). In addition, I heard that the Apple hardware is also much more reliable.

    So, my main question is how much pain is involved if I change to Apple when it’s time to get a new laptop? The sub-questions are:

    1. Are the things I heard true and are they significant enough to warrant the change and the price difference?

    2. I use an Android phone with Google browser, contacts, and email, which syncs conveniently with my PC along with many apps on my PC and phone. Will I lose all the synchronization benefits or have to convert LOTS of data into Apple apps? Will I need to switch to an iPhone (I LOVE Android’s customizable interface and am a power user of my Android)?

    3. Will the photography apps and their data, and any hardware I use have to go through any conversions (e.g., Lr/Ps CC, Wacom Tablet, Western Digital external Hard Drive and external Backup Drive, etc.)? The Western Digital user manual says you must reformat their HD disc to use with Apple OS. All my photos are on one external hard drive, I backup that drive and my laptop to another, and my Lr catalog & preferences, etc., are on the HD of my laptop.

    4. How difficult is the learning curve for someone who has used Windows since, ummm, the beginning of time?

    5. Are Apple laptops restricted in the same way that Apple phones are? In other words, is there much less ability to customize the interface and apps on an Apple Laptop?

    6. I currently use a Lenovo Z70 with a 17.3″ monitor. I heard that Apple stopped making laptops with 17″ monitors, so would I need to hook up an external monitor if I wanted to have one larger than 15″?

    7. What else do you think I should consider before making such a change?


    October 2, 2017 at 3:24 pm #23307
    Matt K

    Hi. I’ll try my best here.
    1. No. I don’t believe things are significant enough to warrant a change. Don’t change because anyone told you that your world will be better in Apple. I personally prefer it, but it still crashes, it’s still slow and it is more expensive. That said, the one thing I can say is I’ve NEVER had a virus. Every PC I ever get, and my kids, has a virus in about 2 days. We’re no computer geeks though, so we usually don’t know enough of how to easily keep them off a PC. With Mac, you just don’t have to do anything – viruses just don’t appear.

    2. I don’t know about that one. I know Google also has apps that work on Mac.

    3. I’ve used HD’s on both Mac/pc and they’ve worked fine. Can’t say for sure but I’ve never had a problem.

    4. Learning curve on Wacom or Apple? Both aren’t that bad. Hopefully you have a Mac user that can help you. If you don’t the learning curve will be steeper.

    5. Yes. Definitely. Which is why they’re usually more reliable and not as prone to crashing or viruses.

    6. Correct. But check with Apple on exactly what size screens they make. I haven’t looked in awhile but I don’t recall seeing a 17″

    7. Is it really worth it for you? Would your money be better spent elsewhere? Are you totally frustrated with PC that you want to go through this? OR do you just have extra money laying around and think Apple is cooler? 🙂

    Hope that helps 🙂

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