Free Lightroom Calendar Presets and Templates

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Well it’s that time of year again. Time to get the Lightroom Calendar Presets and Templates rolling for 2018. I’ve been posting about these every year for a while now. Years ago, Ed Weaver from RED Photographic contacted me with these really cool Lightroom Calendar Presets he created. I posted about them and they were an instant hit.

So every year since then, Ed has been kind enough to create new presets. He hosts them on his website (click here), and he has some directions on how to use them (he’s got versions with weeks that start on Sunday and Monday). But I also created a quick video for you below on how to install and use the presets.

Why Calendar Templates?

In case you’re wondering what the use is for these presets, here’s some ideas. I tend to think of these presets as something I could print up and hang on my refrigerator one page at a time. They’er not necessarily the traditional calendar you may be thinking of, where you have all 12 months printing and just flip to a new page. Why? That’s because if you printing each separate page, you’d then have to take it somewhere to have them bound together. By the time you did that, I think it would have been just as easy to go to a printing website and have a custom calendar printed.

To me, this something I would print once each month and hang on the fridge. Or, he’s even got a 12 Month version you could print at the beginning of the year and hang up for the whole year. Here’s a couple of examples.

calendar4-sm2 calendar3-sm2 calendar1-sm2

How to Install and Use Lightroom Calendar Presets

Okay, as promised here’s a quick video that shows an example and shows you how to install them.
NOTE: The video is from last year and uses the 2017 versions, but the 2018 version works exactly the same.

Downloading the Lightroom Calendar Presets

Here’s a link to Ed’s website to download the calendar presets. Don’t forget, he’s got 2 versions for weeks that start on Sunday or Monday. And While you’re there, poke around his galleries because he’s got some beautiful photos as well. And once again, let’s all give a huge thanks and shout out to Ed for taking the time to create and share these (free by the way) with everyone each year. Thanks Ed! 🙂


  1. Sal LoVecchio

    Everything worked just as you suggested in your video so a big thanks to you and Ed for making this available. A question, is there a way to export our completed calendar to a flash disk so that we might print multiple copies as a gift for our friends at a commercial printer?

    1. Author
      Matt K

      Hi Sal – yes, in the Print module at the bottom right (Print Job panel), you can change it from Print To:Printer to a JPEG instead. Have fun!

  2. Karen S Burris

    Matt. I’m using windows 10, Can’t seem to get the import box up when in print module. Any suggestions?

  3. Gerry Slater

    Wonderful Matt. You introduced me to Ed’s calendar template years ago when he first came out with them. I have been using it every year since. Your explanatory video was great. The only problem I have is that thru the years my hair has gotten grayer, yours has not. What the hell is with that buddy boy.

    1. Author
      Matt K

      I don’t think you have an old enough photo of me Gerry. Definitely more gray. Heck, even the girl that cuts my hair “kindly” suggested last time “Did you ever consider coloring your gray hair” (true story) 🙂

  4. Celia

    Hi! Thank you both for making these available! Are the numbers customizable? I tend to prefer to have some room to write in the squares, and the big numbers take all the space. Thanks again!

  5. Carrie

    I always look forward to these templates. Thank you so much and Merry Christmas to you both!!

  6. Marina Jurasek

    Thanks Matt, it looks like you are non ending source of education. Your video is great help on using Ed’s templets.
    I will check his website too. Thanks for passing the information.

  7. William

    Hi thanks for the templates. I am having an issue getting the portrait 12 month template to show up correctly in the print module. It will only show 6 months with the correct paper size set in page setup

  8. Dudley Warner

    Is there a quick way to tone the 12 month calendars? If I tone one, I am unable to then select all the others and sync the changes. I am able to select the next one and click on Previous to make the changes, but hopefully there is quicker way.

    Thanks –

    1. Author
      Matt K

      Hi Dudley – the calendars are just like any other photo so you can sync and copy changes to them like you normally would.

  9. D.J.


    I have been trying to figure out how to do a Calendar in Landscape. Photo on right or left. I tried to make a template 19×13 but the rulers keep saying 8.5×11. Am I doing something wrong? Or its not possible?

    ..any suggestions for someone who needs to sharpen his skills? lol


  10. Eva Gustafsson

    Thanks a lot for this! How ever I did not succeed in converting the print formats to the standard paper sizes we use here in Sweden (A4, A3, 13×18 cm etc.) There was a good explanation on how to do it in the video, but I did not get it to work.
    So I will have to search for templates somewhere else.
    Thank you anyway

    1. Eva Gustafsson

      Problem solved by the use of Thomas L’s adaptations to ISO formats – see Thomas’ post above from Dec 6th.

      Thanks Thomas! And thanks Matt and Ed!

  11. Daniela

    Thank you very much, Matt and big thanks to Ed for sharing his templates. I love his Brugge photos! Very inspiring! I wish I stayed there longer than a day when we visited, to have the opportunity to take photos like that.

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  13. Charles Horton

    The photos I wish to use are all portrait (Milky Way) shots. When I tried to use the 3 month template scaled down to 8.5 x 11, I end up with a jumble I can’t seem to shrink down from the 24 x 17.5 size. Any tips for sizing down? (Your demo for small to larger was easy to do.) And/or, fitting the vertical photo in the other templates without losing half the photo?
    (I’m still using LR5, no CC updates)
    Thank you,

  14. Eva Gustafsson

    I just wanted to say that I just created a great calendar for my son! I am very satisfied with the result.

    Happy Xmas everyone!

  15. Jane Pittenger

    when I try to follow the link to Ed’s site, I get “forbidden”

  16. Jim Shy

    Love the templates – having trouble with the photos aspect ratio.for the photo’s – appears I need to crop the photo’s before going to the print tab and dragging them into the template. Does anyone know what ratio I should be cropping to? (a bit green with Lightroom – been using PhotoShop Elements for years) .

  17. Ramona Boone

    please help, when I download all I get are four excel files for templates…I don’t get Ed’s manual and am unable to import into lightroom thanks

  18. Fernando Pulleiro

    Hi Matt. Tks for sharing these wonderful templates. I live in Uruguay, and we have our own holidays, as every country. Is it there a way to change to Red the numbers in the templates, to suit that? If not, that is a suggestion for the future!
    Tks a lot for everything.

  19. Ed

    Thank you Matt and Ed.. Quick question: is there a way I could use these in On1 Raw rather than Lightroom?

    1. Author
      Matt K

      Hi Ed. The auto-layout part that you see in the Print module won’t work. However, the JPG calendar images will work. So you could always go in to ON1 Layers and create a new document and place the calendar JPG and your photo in to the same document and get something similar.

  20. jenny Reid

    How do I bookmark &/or save this video or email, so that I can watch again, when I am ready/have time to work on the downloads.

    1. Author
      Matt K

      Hi Jenny – most browsers have bookmarks and your email program should have a way to organize email messages.

  21. Dom

    Hello, Matt.
    Thanks a lot for those templates. However, is there a way to translate all text in French ?

  22. Александр

    A lesson might encourage me to create and print your calendar. Thank you!

  23. Paul F. Ostrum

    It’s not unzipping, I get errors so only one image is there for importing. Not of the other files extract.

    1. Author
      Matt K

      Hey Shawn – not really. It would print like anything else. I can’t think of any settings that I would change for this specifically.

  24. Jon Zich

    I just sent Ed a note reminding him of a problem I had last year, which he remedied, but which is occurring again this year. The zip file contains a colon character in the filename for the 8-1/2×11 printing template. Windows doesn’t like that and therefore presents an error message when attempting to open the zip file.

  25. Simon B

    Excellent templates and tutorial! One question: when click to insert a watermark into the calendar photo, the watermark also automatically appears in all the calendar month cells. Any suggestions on how to turn those off so there is only a watermark in the photo image? Thanks for any help!

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