Well it’s that time of year again. Time to get the Lightroom Calendar Presets and Templates rolling for 2017. I’ve been posting about these every year for a while now. Years ago, Ed Weaver from RED Photographic contacted me with these really cool Lightroom Calendar Presets he created. I posted about them and they were an instant hit.

So every year since then, Ed has been kind enough to create new presets. He hosts them on his website (click here), and he has some directions on how to use them (he’s got versions with weeks that start on Sunday and Monday). But I also created a quick video for you below on how to install and use the presets.

Why Calendar Templates?

In case you’re wondering what the use is for these presets, here’s some ideas. I tend to think of these presets as something I could print up and hang on my refrigerator one page at a time. They’er not necessarily the traditional calendar you may be thinking of, where you have all 12 months printing and just flip to a new page. Why? That’s because if you printing each separate page, you’d then have to take it somewhere to have them bound together. By the time you did that, I think it would have been just as easy to go to a printing website and have a custom calendar printed.

To me, this something I would print once each month and hang on the fridge. Or, he’s even got a 12 Month version you could print at the beginning of the year and hang up for the whole year. Here’s a couple of examples.

calendar4-sm2 calendar3-sm2 calendar1-sm2

How to Install and Use Lightroom Calendar Presets

Okay, as promised here’s a quick video that shows an example and shows you how to install them.

Downloading the Lightroom Calendar Presets

Here’s a link to Ed’s website to download the calendar presets. Don’t forget, he’s got 2 versions for weeks that start on Sunday or Monday. And While you’re there, poke around his galleries because he’s got some beautiful photos as well. And once again, let’s all give a huge thanks and shout out to Ed for taking the time to create and share these (free by the way) with everyone each year. Thanks Ed! 🙂


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