My Philosophy on Camera Gear

My thoughts on camera gear are to keep it light and simple. So if you’re looking for a gear-head with a TON of gear to browse through, you’re probably looking at the wrong person. I want to do the most possible with the least amount to carry around 🙂

I do print, but I’d say the vast majority of my photos are shown in an online format (social media, website, shared, etc…). So that means I’m able to cut down on the pixel-peeper capability of my gear. Yes, there are probably better lenses, with better edge-sharpness, and all of those other things that online reviews talk about. But as some one who doesn’t print as much as I share online, those aspects don’t mean as much to me personally.

Camera Bodies

Sony Alpha A7R ii – The A7R ii is my main camera body. It’s a 42-megapixel beast, and it’s the camera I turn to when I’m going on a serious landscape, portrait or outdoor shoot. The file size is huge and I usually just use it when I think I’m going to want to print big, or I’m in front of a scene that I know is amazing and I may never see again.
B&H Photo

Sony Alpha a6500 – The a6300 (and now a6500) started out as my backup camera body, as well as my general carry around camera. I mostly use the 16-70mm f/4 lens on it and it’s probably the camera I pull out most of the time (read about when I use the A7Rii above).
B&H Photo

Is the a6500 worth the upgrade? 
I get asked this a lot and my answer is yes. The touch screen focus for landscapes and macro, the high-frame rate among some other improvements made this upgrade a no-brainer for me from the start. 


Sony 16-35mm f/4 – The 16-35mm is my primary wide angle lens for landscape photos.
B&H Photo

Sony 24-70mm f/4 – The 24-70mm is my most used lens for landscapes. It let’s me get wide, but a decent zoom at the same time.
B&H Photo

Sony 70-200mm f/4 – This lens is my go-to lens for portraits. Believe it or not though, I use this a lot for landscapes too.
B&H Photo

Sony 90mm Macro – I don’t do a lot of close-up work but when I do I need a Macro lens so I invested in this one. Honestly, it rarely comes out, but when I need it, it’s worth it.

Sony 16-70mm f/4 – This is my walk around and most used lens when I take my Sony a6300 with me.

Tripod and Ballhead System

Tripod – Really Right Stuff TVC-33 (click here to view)
Ballhead – Really Right Stuff BH-40 (click here to view)
L-Plate Camera Bracket – I use the Really Right Stuff BA7R2. (click here to view)


Neutral Density Filters – I use the Vu 75mm filter system made for mirrorless. (click here to view)
Polarizing Filters – I use the Polarizer that comes with the Vu system above. (click here to view)

Software, Drives and Computer

Primary Software – Adobe CC Photography Plan.

Plug-Ins – ON1 Effects which is part of ON1 Photo Raw 2017 (click here to view).

Laptop – Macbook Pro 15″ Laptop (click here to view).
Wacom Tablet – Wacom Intuos Pro Medium (click here to view).
External Drive – G-Technology Drives (click here to view).

Other Accessories

Memory Cards – Sony SD Cards – 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB cards (click here to view).
Cleaning – Hoodman Lens Cleanse Wipes (click here to view).
Wireless Remote – Foto&Tech IR Remote (click here to view).

Traveling With My Photography Gear

As I mentioned above, I like to keep things light and simple. If it doesn’t fit in a small backpack (and it’s a small bag), it doesn’t come with me. However, if I’m traveling on a plane, I usually pack my tripod, ballhead, and chargers in my packed luggage. Mainly, so I don’t have to go lugging them around in the airport.