Get in Early for Best Landscape Photography Workshop of the Year

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(Update March 4th: The summit is sold out. You can send an email to April – – to get on the waiting list)

(Update Feb. 4th: As of now there’s just over 50 spots left, so we are indeed almost sold out)

Ok, here’s some sneak peak news for ya’. Last year I gave the keynote and taught several classes at the very first Great Smoky Mountains Photography Summit (I wrote more about the experience here)It’s basically the only 5-day conference of it’s kind for landscape photographers. And, it sold out in just days. There were over 100 people on the waiting list.

Wanna know the most common question I heard from people whenever I posted a photo from it? “How come I missed it?”, or “How do I sign up for next year so I don’t miss it?”. I posted about it everywhere I could, but I know that some people missed it so here’s your chance.

Limited Space

Last year it sold out within days, after everyone started blogging about it. So this year I begged, pleaded and got down on my knees to my friends there, and asked if they’d let me post about it early. Now, the graphics haven’t been created yet, the website schedule isn’t even updated, but I did manage to steal a link to the 2016 registration page and I even have the instructor list.

Sign Up Here

First, here’s a link to the registration page and it’s live now. It will sell out. And, the hotel will sell out too. Space is VERY limited (only 200 people). The reason being is that it’s just impossible to give the quality of instruction, and the level of personal interaction that we give, to any larger of a group. Plus, there’s no place to host any more people in that area. Not to mention a huge part of this conference is everyone getting to shoot. Late October is one of the busiest times of the year there, and we simply can’t accommodate more and still give you an incredible experience.

Instructors & The Deets

By the way, “Deets” is how my 14-year old kid says details. Apparently if I don’t say it, I’m not cool 😉

When: October 26-30th, 2016

Where: Great Smoky Mountains & Tremont Lodge (rooms will sell out so book early)

How Much: $499 early bird special

Here’s the list of instructors. Of course Bill Fortney is there, and I’ll actually be teaching a pre-conference workshop as well (space is limited, so leave a comment here if you’re interested). And yes, for all of you that were there last year – back by popular demand…my mom will be coming with me again. Apparently people like her a lot more than me 🙂 I think my wife is coming along this time too, so if you ever really wanted to get all the dirt on me, you’ll have the necessary people there to do it 🙂

The All Star List
Matt’s Mom
Matt’s Wife
Jack Graham
Dan Bailey
Ellen Anon
Dan Bailey
Deborah Sandidge
Len Rue Jr.
Ken Jenkins
Richard Barnabee
R C Concepcion
Bill Lea
Jim Begley
John “Snake” Barrett

I hope to see you there. And don’t forget. If you want to read my recap and some photos from last year, make sure you check out this blog post.

Have a good one!

PS: If you’re in any of the following areas, here’s where else I’ll be speaking this year. (leave a comment here if you’re interested and there’s no link).

Cincinnati – PhotoPro Expo (Feb 5th)

Dallas, Ft. Worth TX area – Competitive Camera Store and a Small Personal Workshop (April 21st – 23rd)

Buffalo, NY – CanAm Photo Expo (April 8-10th)

Chicago – Out Of Chicago Summer Conference (June 23-25th)



    1. Author
      Matt K

      Will do. I have your name on the list. When the details and sign-up page go up, I’ll make sure they let you know.

  1. Bruce

    Matt: just registered for the workshop. Sounds great. Never been to the Smokey Mountains. Waiting on lodge to call back for rooms.

  2. Bruce

    Matt: been trying all morning to contact the Tremont Lodge. No luck. Maybe you have a contact there. Thanks

    1. April Love

      Bruce, I’m working on finding out why you could not get in touch with anyone at the Lodge this morning. I do have contacts there, so we will make sure that you get taken care of! Thanks for registering for the Summit, it is going to be incredible!

      1. Cynthia Hollingsworth

        I’ve been having a terrible time reaching someone there. Have tried email and phone, even leaving a message a time a two over the last couple of weeks.

    2. sandra ramos

      Me, too. And I’ve emailed them, to which the email was bounced back. Would love to sign up for the conference, but need to know lodging deets beforehand.

  3. Catherine Kouri

    Hi Matt, I just registered for the Summit and I would definitely be interested in your pre-

    con class. Would you please put my name on your list. Thanks and I am looking forward

    to the whole event. I was in several of your classes at Photoshop World in Orlando in 2013.

  4. Genevieve Martin

    Hi Matt, I’m an alumni of the first GSMPS. Had such a blast and awesome learning experience last Oct just couldnt wait ti sigh up again!! Looking forward to returning in the fall and getting together with everyone again. Definitely interested in the pre-conference workshop if you can add me to the list and send detail.

  5. Doreen Paquette

    Matt, yes, I would love to attend your pre-conference workshop. I attended the 2015 summit, and have already registered for this year’s. Please keep me posted of the details.

  6. Jeff Peo

    Matt, I’d love info on the pre-conference workshop. I’m registered, and want to be on the list.

  7. Tom

    Hi Matt

    I am interested in your pre-con workshop.
    Can you put me please on the list?



  8. Mike Bushbaum

    Interested in the pre-conference workshop. Can you add me to your list.

  9. Palani

    Hey folks …. I am holding a confirmed reservation at the Premier Cabin.
    There are two queen beds and two twin beds.

    Traveling alone. If anyone is interested in sharing the cabin and split the costs, kindly contact me. Ideally, 3 (including myself) per cabin would be comfortable. So, looking to hear from 2 more interested folks.

    My email is

    Kind regards ….. Palani

    Matt – trying to extend the $, to accommodate more for less! Hope you don’t mind this tangential comment.

  10. Kevin Adams

    Hi Matt, just a heads up. Adam Jones and myself are also on the speaker list.

  11. Mitch Jones

    Hey Matt. I’m interested in the pre-conference workshop. Please add me to the list.

  12. Joe Shults

    Matt –

    Signed up and interested in the pre-conference workshop. Put me on the list please. Looking forward to it!


    1. Author
      Matt K

      Thanks Dan! Can’t wait! We’ll have a great time! Only problem about this thing selling out so soon is that it’s so far away we have to wait almost 9 months 🙂

  13. Brad


    Please add me to the list as well; really looking forward to the workshop and getting a chance to meet you! And getting to Spruce Flats Falls….


    BTW Tremont Lodge was apparently having some software issues earlier today; that may be why some people were having problems. I think that has been rectified, so no worries..

  14. Susan Scharenberg

    Matt, I signed up last week. If there’s room on the pre-con workshop list please add me. BTW, registration was a smooth experience and the Tremont Lodge was very helpful, so the issues mentioned must have been temporary.

  15. Donna Martin

    I’ll be attending again this year! Looking forward to it. I would be interested in getting more information about your pre-conference workshop.

  16. Bruce Himelman

    Matt: I did hear back from the hotel last week and I was able to secure a reservation. Looking forward to the event. Thanks Bruce

  17. Don Tingle

    Interested in the pre-con, if you would also let me know when and what?
    Looking forward to meeting all the instructors, and attendees.

  18. Pat Hutton

    Matt, I was able to register for the conference and the hotel (some difficulty with the latter) and also would be interested in a pre-conference seminar

  19. Chris Stern

    I am sorry if this is not the right place to post this request but couldn’t find a direct email to you.

    I shoot all my photos on my iPhone and one thing I want to do is print larger images up to 30X30. I have the Perfect Resize program from On1 but can’t find any tutorials catered for resizing iPhone images for printing using this program. I would love to see you do a tutorial on how to use it to get the best quality for your iPhone images print large

  20. Judy Murphy

    Hi Matt. Looking forward to the conference I just registered for and booked my room. Would like to attend your pre-conference workshop – sign me up please! I’m assuming that would be on Wednesday?

  21. Brenda Hackett

    Hi Matt,
    I would be interested in the pre-con. I just signed up.
    Thank you

  22. Jeb Buchman

    Hi Matt…I am signed up for the workshop, and I am very interested in attending the pre-con. If there is still space available please sign me up! Thanks!

  23. Diane Irrgang

    Matt – please sign me up for the pre conference. Thanks! Can’t wait.

  24. Laura Rogers

    If you have a opening I am interest in sign up for the pre conference. Thanks,

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