I Had A Revelation

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Something interesting happened yesterday. Right after launching my new Photoshop Compositing Course,  I was talking to my buddy Blake Rudis. Blake launched his own business years ago and he’s been a huge help to me, so he’s gotten to know my moods pretty well.

Well… we were chatting and he noticed how excited I was about this course launch. He was right. I literally couldn’t wait! There was this overwhelming feeling of excitement this whole week… excitement about the thought of people getting this course in their hands, and how it would help them.

He caught on to it and said something to me that really resonated. He said he noticed that my courses in Photoshop and Lightroom over the last couple of years have been more along the lines of “foundation” courses. But he said that he himself, years ago, would follow me for the more advanced things that I would do with my photos. And he noticed that I seemed to get away from that lately.

He nailed it! So when I say I had a revelation, I guess I mean Blake had a revelation, and I’m now calling it my own 😉

Don’t get me wrong. I love to help people just starting out and get them up and running with Photoshop and Lightroom. They’re like a kid in a candy store and it’s inspiring to see. But I feel like I have a lot more to give too. A lot more to give to the folks that have followed my training for years, and have learned along with me. In a way, I feel like I have a lot more Photoshop “muscle” to flex 🙂

I think that’s why I’m so excited about my Compositing Course. I genuinely had a great time creating it and I learned A TON along the way – which gets me excited… and in turn, I want to share that with other everyone.

I hear from people all the time, that have been with me along this journey for years – and I see a little of myself in them. When they share they’ve been a little stagnant in their photography or editing, and feel like they’re in a rut. That they’re looking for something more, but don’t know what it is. I’ve been there myself many times. And for me, compositing images has always been something that’s reinvigorated my love for shooting and editing (and Blake picked up on that).

If you have a few minutes, stop by the Photoshop Compositing Course page and watch the video at the top. I think you’ll find some things I say in there resonate with you and, if anything, I hope give you some inspiration to get more creative no matter how you do it.




  1. Dennis Zito

    Hey Matt,

    I hear you loud and clear!! I purchased your Compositing Book a few years back and learned a lot. But my biggest problem (at my age) is reading and following instructions. I’m a visual learner so I’m wondering if your new class would be along the lines of your Compositing Book, but with the video instruction and tips and etc!! That would be exciting for me … Too!!


    1. Author
      Matt K

      Hey Dennis – the new course is definitely the next step from the book. I can only do so much in a book that I can’t do in videos. If you watch that intro video at the top it talks a little about it. Thanks!

      1. Dennis Zito

        Hey Matt,

        Just purchased you Composite Course! Really looking forward to getting started!

        Thanks for all your Help and hard work putting these Courses together!


  2. Judi Wollenziehn

    I love your work and admire your ability to share your photography skills with others. I just purchased your new compositing course and I’m anxious to see what it will do to help “bump up my game.” I work at a high school and wondered if it’s possible to review the course on two computers – one at work and one at home.
    Thanks so much!

    1. Author
      Matt K

      Hi Judi. Sure thing. Go right ahead. You can transfer it over to the other computer via a drive.

  3. Blake Rudis

    You rock, man! I can still remember how blown my mind was when I read the Layers book and then moved onto Compositing Secrets. That was some serious inspiration for me that set me on quite the path.

    You inspire so many and this course I know is going to be an incredible addition to your already impressive catalog!

    Congrats, bro!

  4. James K

    I do hope what I learn in this course transfers to what I can do in Affinity Photo. And yes,, I still use Photoshop occasionally. All Matt’s courses have been fantastic so I suspect this one will rock as well.

  5. Donald Reed

    Downloaded the next in my collection! I have your complete library… you have really elevated my talent and work flow. You are an amazing teacher! Thanks for everything

  6. David R. Miller

    You are one of the very few other professional photographers and retoucher’s that I watch on a weekly basics … the strength of your knowledge has grown to a point that I would call you the “Guru” of modern day information in the photography world.

    David R.

  7. Sheila Ferguson

    Hi Matt: I love following and watching you create your master pieces…plus love your inthusium for Photoshop. Last year I did your Photoshop and Lightroom classes, but really am not confident that I know enough about selections and layer masks to jump into the Compositing Secrets…I am going to go back to the videos I have saved. Just not sure …I would have the confidence and ability to push myself from “beginner” to the “next level”. I first met your at KelbyOne, I was sorry your were no longer a part of that platform …I am very happy you continue to use your vast talents and continue to put AMAZING training forward. I will always be following your work…to me you are the master of Photoshop!!
    Cheers Sheila F.

  8. Jack Fanning

    Hi Matt, I’ve been following you since I started in digital photography. You have a way of explaining the complex with simplicity. I think there is a massively large audience out here that will be disappointed if you move too far above the level that most of us work at. By the way, I spent the better part of a day (when you got your new Sony) shooting with you and your mom in Townsend, TN a couple of years ago. I really enjoyed that time. I will be downloading the compositing course. Good luck in all your ventures!

    1. Author
      Matt K

      Thanks Jack! I remember that trip. I hope you’re well. And I definitely won’t move too far above. But I think a lot of my audience was ready for something with some more “bite” to it 🙂

  9. Les

    Hi Matt, I’m definitely going to purchase the Composite class but am wondering if it is worth trying to get your book, understanding that you wrote it a number of years ago, to help facilitate my learning process with having ‘notes’ right in front of me since composites are new to me? I know that I will also be going back to re-review the Lightroom and Photoshop classes but am very excited about this new format where we go where we need to as opposed to being worried that I might have missed something as I would thru the foundational approach. Thx!

    1. Author
      Matt K

      Hi Les. The book is great. I will say that it is very different from the course. It is 90% studio lit composites on seamless background that are meant more for commercial compositing. This course is the opposite. More fun, natural light composites. So I’d pick the one that you are looking to learn more. I think the version with the PDF works great. You could even print it and have the notes there for you to follow along with. The book doesn’t have any videos either. Either way, enjoy!

  10. Scott

    I have been following your courses since your time at Kelby. Got the compositing course yesterday. Already started the lessons. Great work.

  11. Jack

    Matt, thank you for your courses, the ease at which you explain, and the simple delivery. I set out on a mission early last year to really learn how to use Photoshop like I should, and utilize the tools inside of it rather than purchasing another plug in to do yet another plug and play for my photographs (without me really understanding what the plug in was doing). Your courses put me on the path to get my goals accomplished. This Composite course steps up my game and introduces another level for me to develop my art, my craft, and my skills. Thank you!!!!!

  12. John Wallace

    Hey Matt:
    I’ve purchased a couple of your course over the years and have no problem saying you have made me a better Photographer. I look at Photoshop and Lightroom as being an essential part of my photography and your courses have helped out tremendously. By the way I purchased a book years ago titled “Photoshop Composting Secrets”. You may have seen this one a few times since you authored it.

  13. vartkes

    Bought the program watched couple of the lessons quickly; had to. It looks like you have struck the right level for me – not simplistic and explain and emphasize just the best way. Well done. I am sure i will enjoy the whole course just like I did with the Ps System.

  14. Mark H

    I am excited to get started. I always find you tutorials very informative and helpful.

    You mentioned it yourself though. family, job,,,ughhh have to find the time for this though.

    Thanks for all the hard work, cant wait to get started.

    let me know your thoughts on my chat message 😉

    1. Author
      Matt K

      That’s exactly it Mark. Gotta find time. I’m the same way with my guitar. By the time I’m done with work, family, etc… sometimes I just want to sit and watch mindless tv to relax. But if you don’t practice… you don’t get better 🙂

  15. Tom Bailey

    I too purchased your Compositing book. Since I almost live around the corner I was able to get you to autograph, so I should be able to make lots of money selling it on eBay, But I’m keeping it and signing up for the new course. Keep up that good lots of people attempt to teach this stuff but don’t get the message across. You make things understandable, that is worth a fortune.

  16. Michael Martin

    Hi Matt!
    The addition of a book as mentioned by Dennis would be brilliant for folks like me .
    I am severely deaf, even with hearing aids, video is very difficult as firstly deaf people need to lip read most of the time.
    And as Dennis put it, as our youth leaves us, we are more visual learners than trying to retain info from video content. i did purchase your last PS course, but it is difficult trying to retain it and understand due to deafness.
    Keep up the great work and enthusiasm.

    1. Author
      Matt K

      Hi Michael – the book Dennis is talking about is one I wrote almost 8 years ago. There is a PDF “ebook” with this one. You can print it out if you’d like. Thanks!

  17. Dave Edwards

    Here is a thought a bit off topic but at the same time food for thought. In years past before retirement I was somewhat of a photoshop expert. Used and knew all the tricks to make magic, hower, now I am in the use it or loose it stage and need clues to recall steps. So how about creating some kind of task orientated index. If you want to “XXXyyy” then go to section 3 or page 10.

  18. Chris Thorpe

    Call me crazy – but been tracking you from your Kelby days – you have a lot integrity, met you randomly at Photoshop world – you always add value, you know your stuff – and we know you’re a sucker for composites. So I am buying sight unseen – but am happy to spend the money. Hope to catch you in Orlando this year – great guy.

  19. Mary Campbell

    Matt I’m really a beginner to Photoshop. This course sounds so intriguing. Do you think I would be able to understand. I just purchased your Lightroom course and am truly enjoying. Have learned new things and reinforced things I knew. I like your teaching style.

    1. Author
      Matt K

      Hi Mary. How about this. If you purchase and you find out it’s too advanced, just let us know within 30 days and we’ll get you a refund. Sound good? Thanks!

  20. Mary Campbell

    Hi Matt,
    Wow, there is actually another Mary Campbell … now that’s something special! Ha.
    I left you a chat message on your Compositing page with a couple of questions. Hope you can find the time to answer before the sale goes off on Tuesday.
    Thanks much.

  21. lyle allan

    Course looks to be very interesting. Liked that you left in ‘not working out’ parts. Might keep me from going down the rabbit hole. I once worked for a very smart person who used to say, ” I don’t want to see Galileo’s drawings, I want to see what’s in his waste basket”. Hopefully will get to your course soon. Started going through your Lightroom course, then got side tracked and started your Photoshop course, then got thinking about digital management. Maybe working thru Composites will get me back on track…thanks….

  22. Cor van den Berg

    High Matt,
    I just purchased the course.
    On what site can i download it with my iMac?
    i ordered it on my iPad, but i couldn’t download it there.

  23. Douglas Snyder

    Hello Matt,

    Continued success. I bought the Compositing Secrets book a ways back. Unfortunately was unable to use at the time due to hardware / software upgrade issues. No longer any issues but guessing I should work the book before the course?


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