Installing and Organizing Lightroom Presets

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It seems every time I post about Lightroom presets, I see a bunch of questions on how to install them. There’s actually several ways that you can get presets in to Lightroom. I think every person has a way that they like, but this is the method I’ve found that works reliably and is easy to follow. Even better though, I’ve included how to organize your presets. If you’re like me, the preset list gets pretty crazy and long if you start installing a lot of presets. So organizing them in to folders make ’em a lot easier to keep track of. Enjoy!


  1. Marty Cohen

    Why won’t Adobe allow multi-level organization of develop presets? For example: I cannot have a preset folder say, for example, “Matt’s Presets” and then, inside that folder have a second level of folders entitled “Ultimate Fighter Look” and another titled “Wedding Glow” and other Matt’s “Black and White Presets”, etc. At the Adobe forum a group of users have been asking for this for several years and there’s been no response. It’s hard for me to image that it would be difficult to create it and just makes so much sense. It would be a real time-saver for those who have groups of presets from multiple different sources…

    1. labro

      same remark
      imposible to create a “black and white” subfolder in Matts preset folder.
      moreover impossible to add tags/category “landscape”,… like on1 in lightroom
      never understood why basic things like that take so much time to adobe to implement


  2. Laurie

    Do you know of a way to more quickly scroll through the brush presets? I have quite a few and it’s time consuming using the arrows on the screen to scroll? Thanks!!!

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  6. Ronald Greco

    Matt I dragged presets into the local adjustment folder but when I go to effects don’t see them. Although I see them in the folder. Restarted not there.

  7. talia

    Hi, I did all this and am familiar with how to add a preset. I dragged your template into the local adjustment preset, restarted and all and it isn’ working. I’m using the latest version of Lightroom. Any ideas?

  8. Rob Walker

    Hi Matt the Iceland image is fantastic but i notice the version on squarespace is a lot better than than the one on instagram could you post a vid of how you processed it please i have been an admirer of your teaching for a while it started with the Layers book ,that really explained it,very clear no complicated jargon. Best Regards Rob (England)

  9. Dieter Hege

    Just got the preset bundle. Develop preset install ok. Brush install I do not see the numbered brush presets. they are in the local adjustment presets folder. What can I do?

    1. Diana K

      Hi Dieter, the Brush presets need to be installed differently than the Develop module presets. If you look in the 1-Install-Video-Help folder you’ll see a video named Installing-Lightroom-Brushes.mp4 that explains how to install them. Thanks and please let me know if you have any trouble. Diana

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