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Hey everyone! This post is brought to you by a post-Easter-Sunday-chocolate-sugar-high, so I can make no claims as to it’s accuracy or usefulness ๐Ÿ™‚ But I do think you’ll like these presets. They’re an update to some I released a while back, that went over really well. Basically, it’s a warm sunflare glow effect that makes a nice finishing touch on your outdoor photos.

It’s pretty simple. There’s a “Left Side” version and a “Right Side” version. They both emanate from the upper corner of the photo and were created using the Graduated Filter. They add some warmth and overall brightness to the corner you choose. And they work best on photos that have some sort of sunlight visible in them to start with (so you probably wouldn’t like the effect on a photo taken on a cloudy day or in a studio). If you want to adjust the color or intensity, just select the Grad Filter (keyboard shortcut is the M key), and adjust the settings.

Hereโ€™s a sample:

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Hope you enjoy. Have a good one!


  1. Peter Nord

    I have an old manual Nikon 20mm AIs. It automatically adds these lens flares. Nothing like doing it in camera. ha ha

  2. A.G. Photography

    I like it; the only thing is that you lost a bit of detail on their faces…I would make a mask, and set the brush at 30% and take off a bit of it on their faces…it looks a bit to “orangy” for me.

    1. Matt Kloskowski

      I actually think it looks great and didn’t lose any detail that I’d care about (hence why I applied the effect to the photo). To me, the added light on her face works perfectly considering the photo. Remember sunflare is just that – its flare. Masking it away would be kinda weird. And the golden color works great here to give the image a warm feeling. But thats the great part about presets – you can adjust them for your taste ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. A.G. Photography

        I liked the preset very much, and I would totally use it…I just wanted to see their eyes more…the photo looked great for its genre! This was just tiny nit picking…nothing more…:)

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  4. Susana

    Thank you for more great presets & tips Matt… it was great meeting & talking with you at the Bay Photo event out in Las Vegas last month (I was the one at the end of the bar near the photobooth whose friends dragged her out to another party)!

  5. Donella

    Do these presets work on any other Lightroom than just Lightroom 4? I pay mthly for Lightroom 6 I think so I do not wan to download if they will not work I have never used presets before other than a few in Lightroom! Thanks!

  6. Ruth Geitgey

    Thank you for all these shares. I’m just getting started with Lightroom and am enjoying all your posts so very much. I’m a retired school teacher and this is turning into a great hobby! Thanks again for sharing so much advice so freely.

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