Lightroom Tip: Relighting a Scene with the Radial Filter

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The Radial Filter in Lightroom has been one of the main adjustments I use on my landscape photography. From adding a vignette to showcase a part of the photo, to totally relighting a scene – the radial filter is always at the top of my list when I edit.

In the video below, we’ll take a look at how I use the radial filter to relight a scene when the light wasn’t cooperating, or I just want to add a little drama and interest to the photo. Enjoy!


  1. Mike Nelson Pedde

    Holding down the Alt/Opt key will allow you to move one of the four handles instead of moving them in pairs. With the Radial filter active, holding down Ctrl/Cmd will create an ellipse that fills the full frame. And if you right-click on the pin and select Duplicate, you can add more effect. If you need to modify the first (underlying) pin, zoom in and move the top one over a little to expose the one underneath…


    1. Mike Nelson Pedde

      Sorry, with the Radial filter active, holding down Ctrl/Cmd and double-clicking on the image will create an ellipse that fills the full frame (couldn’t edit the original comment).

  2. Mark Sweeney

    Thanks for the reminder on this LR feature, Matt. I use it but not as often as I could/should. It’s a great feature. Will the new On1 Raw have this feature also?

  3. Wil Pirovano

    Nice tip, but did’nt you forget to light up the shadow in the water?

  4. Roxanne

    Thanks so much for this tip! There have been many time when I have shot portraits outdoors on an overcast day and wanted to re-light the subject, but I could never figure out how to do it other than just using adjustment brushes, which is very time-consuming. I have learned so much from your tips & tutorials, and I love your work!

  5. Kellie

    I don’t see any captions or subtitles on your video. Do you have any?

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  7. Jeffrey Paul

    I’m new to the radial filter. Would the radial filter just be used for outdoor photos to simulate sunlight or could it be used for indoor photos as well? Thanks!

  8. stephen bray

    I love this video, playing with light is so much fun, it can make the picture so much more dynamic thanks so much

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