Lightroom Video: New Guided Upright Feature Just Released

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Hi all. Last week Adobe snuck a new feature in to Lightroom and Photoshop called Guided Upright. The Upright feature has been there for a while. It’s mainly used to straighten perspective in photos that’s off from wide angle lenses. The problem was that 1) It was automatic – you couldn’t tell it what surfaces you wanted to straighten and… 2) If you didn’t like the results, you weren’t left with an alternative. That’s where the Guided Upright feature comes in.

Download Follow Along Photos

Oh, and if you want to grab the download files to follow along, just enter your email below and you’ll get an email back with a link to them. Thanks and have a good one!


  1. Karen Anderson

    Thanks Matt for showing how its done. What a cool feature.

  2. Kevan Barton

    I was one of those that simply did the update suggested by Adobe. I then went back to work on my photos and discovered the upright tool had been changed. I intuitively figured out how to replicate upright in transform, but your tutorial showed me how to use the new transform tool to the max. Thank you very much!

    1. Author
      Matt K

      Thanks Kevan – yeah, they kinda snuck it in there. It didn’t get talked about a lot. Enjoy!

  3. Darren Musgrove

    Such a coincidence that I have been working on a project where I’ve been editing images of doors and panels for a client. Manually shifting, and straightening the way they look. Now, few clicks and BOOM! Looks better than I was managing it! Thanks for the time and effort Matt.

    1. Author
      Matt K

      That’s awesome! I had a feeling when I woke up this morning that you were doing that so I made this video 😉

  4. Jerry Schwartz

    Matt: It was nice to see and hear you teaching Photoshop and Lightroom again. Since the big shake-up I miss you and your pals. I learned a lot from you. You made my digital camera and Photoshop work together to produce photos that I was proud of. Thanks!

  5. Dennis Fitzpatrick

    Great timing with the video. I was just exploring the new tool in LR yesterday on one of my photos. I am glad you pointed out the super-wide limitation. I was spending too much time trying to overcome that limitation.

  6. Jerry


    You do such a great job of explaining ways to use Lightroom and Photoshop and this was no exception. I appreciate that you give the information in a way that I can understand without saying the same thing over and over again. The downloadable practice images were also a plus. Thanks again!


  7. John H

    Thanks Matt,

    I do real estate interior shots with a 16mm to catch most of the room. I used lightroom and corrected the best I could with lens corrections but now this new addition to my arsenal is great. I went back and re-worked some of the photos I had already given to clients and couldn’t believe how much more I was able to correct them. Thanks for the video it will really speed up my workflow and actually give my clients a better product.

  8. mark

    Does this update address the issue of screen refreshes being ‘chunky’ not smooth, when using the sliders in Basic panel with the most current versions?

    I have an older macbook pro with 16gb ram and had to revert to Lightroom 2015 / Camera Raw 9 get away from the chunky refresh…thanks

      1. mark

        wow that was fast..I just took a chance and downloaded the latest version and it came with the gpu preference disabled and it appears to work fine in the basic mode.

        Thank you for responding so promptly and keep up the great work!

  9. Dan

    I can’t find the guided upright in Photoshop (I can find it in LR). Am I missing something?

    1. Author
      Matt K

      Not sure. Make sure your camera raw says “Camera Raw 9.6” at the top. If not, it’s not the latest version. And if it is, the transform tool should be at the top.

  10. Carla Endres

    So I downloaded the LightRoom transform, but how do I incorporate it into my LR?

  11. Isabel Reigel

    Thanks a lot. I was always heavily involved with bridge and did not use Light Room. I am really struggling with the importation from Photo Shop. So any new update or explanation of changes made I really appreciate.

  12. Debbie

    I dont have Guided option on my transform panel. I only have Off, Auto, Level, Vertical and Full options. I do I pull up guided option? I thought it was there at first.

  13. D. Saulque

    Have all your tutorials for PSE Techniques and your PSE 5 Restoration & Retouching book. Always enjoyed and learned from your instructions. I wish you great success in your new endeavor! P.S. I sure miss PSE Techniques and the loss of all the help their forum contained!

  14. Wouter J. van Duin

    Having used this basically same feature in Photoshop CC for some time now I’ve noticed there is a point that one has to pay additional attention to in my opinion. When using these type of upright features there always is a slight change in perspective. Tall buildings tend to get taller and narrower. This is a result of making the image wider on top and narrower at the bottom. Sometimes there will be an improvement when adjusting the dimensions of the image after the upright correction by reducing the height and/or increasing the width. I don’t think there are exact figures here to take into consideration. The correction can best be judged by eye by comparing to the original image. Details to notice are dimensions of windows and such.

  15. Avi Niv

    I enjoy always your postings…
    I am trying to get the video for creating a logo! No matter what I do i get the video for ‘Guided Upright…’
    Could yo help?

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