Long Exposure Photography and Editing

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Filters • Settings • Creativity • Photo Editing


This course goes over the various filters we can use and I give you suggestions/links to my favorites.


The techie stuff is easy… in this course I give you all of my creative tips for making cool long exposures.

Photo Editing

Editing is SO important so I devoted over an hour of training on the photo-editing steps for the photos we took in class.

Camera Settings

You’ll learn all of the camera settings to get the best out of your long exposure photos.

3 Tips For Long Exposure

Here are 3 tips for shooting and editing long exposure photos. (4 minute video)

What You Get

All Videos

You get to download and keep all of the videos. This isn’t a subscription. The videos are yours… forever!

PDF Quick Reference

You’ll get a PDF quick reference guide for all of the camera/gear lessons (1 thru 13) including links to everything mentioned. (This does not include the post-processing)

Lightroom / ON1 / Affinity?

Your purchase includes ALL VERSIONS of the editing videos: Lightroom/Photoshop, ON1, and Affinity.

All Raw Files

You get every raw file I use to follow along with. No more guessing how things work. You can follow along with me, step-by-step.


The PDF that comes with the course has links to all of the gear and filters I mention in the course.

Private Facebook Group

You’ll also get access to my “Ask Matt” private Facebook community in case you have questions.

NOTE: The Lightroom/Photoshop, ON1, and Affinity editing videos are ALL included in your purchase.

Did You Say Photo Editing in Lightroom/Photoshop, ON1, and Affinity?

I did something totally different in this course. Earlier this year, I wrote an article called The State of Photo Editing in 2017. It was a HUGE success and one of the most read articles I’ve ever had. And one of the things I wrote in the article was that I thought post-processing was becoming commoditized. That most photo editors out there all have the same sliders and do the same things – it’s just a matter of which one you prefer or feels better. So, I decided to put my money where my mouth is. Long Exposure photography and editing is SO dependent on the post-processing phase – so I made 3 versions of the photo editing videos. One for a Lightroom/Photoshop workflow. Another for ON1 Workflow and yet another for those that use Affinity. Your purchase here comes with all 3. That way, you pick the editor of your choice.

Course Outline

  • 3 Ways to Get Longer Shutter Speeds

  • Intro to Filters

  • Using Really Dark Filters

  • Light Leak

  • In the field: Basic Waterfall Shoot

  • How To Calculate For Really Long Exposures

  • Is Motion Helping or Hurting Your Scene?

  • Practicing Longer Exposures

  • What About The Long Exposure Noise Reduction?

  • Photographing Beaches and Waves

  • TIP: Over-exposing Photos

  • A Long Exposure Tip for Sony Cameras

  • Editing a Simple Waterfall Photo

  • What To Do If Something Is Moving?

  • Faking Motion with Blur

  • Stack Modes - When You Have No Filter

  • B&W Fine Art Long Exposure

  • Editing The Key West Beach Scene

  • A Very Creative Water Scene

  • Editing Ocean Scenes

Within This Course

of Video

Quick Reference Guide

* All Prices Are a One-Time Payment (This is not a monthly subscription)

Frequently Asked Questions

What Programs are used for editing?

This course shows you how to edit using Lightroom / Photoshop or ON1 OR Affinity. So you can download all 3 versions or just the ones you use.

Is this a subscription?

No, you download the course and you own it. All the videos are yours to keep forever (or until your hard drive crashes). And you can always shoot us a message if you need to re-download.

What Does the PDF Contain?

The PDF contains a quick reference guide to all of the photography lessons (1 thru 13) as well as links to everything mentioned (there is no PDF for the photo editing lessons).

What is the Skill Level?

This course is meant for beginner/intermediate photographers. You’ll need to know how to set Aperture, ISO, Shutter speed, as well as how to manually focus.

Can I Watch it on my iPad?

Yes, but you’ll need to download to your laptop/desktop first and transfer it over to your iPad or tablet using the tablet’s syncing software (usually iTunes).

Can I use this on my laptop and desktop?

Yes, you can watch this course on several computers. When you download the video files they’re yours to keep and you can move them to another computer if you’d like.

I have your long exposure course from another website, is this different?

I would skip this course. It is different, but a lot of the content is similar. I’d suggest looking at the outline above, to make sure it’s got enough new content for you.

Do I need to know Photoshop / Lightroom / On1 / Affinity?

The video editing part of the course isn’t for beginners but it’s not advanced either. Kind of right in the middle. I assume you know layers and how to move around, but walk you through everything else

Do I need the latest and greatest fancy camera?

No. Long exposure and filters don’t care if you have a 10 year old DSLR or the newest and great camera. Shutter speed is shutter speed and you can do it on any camera.

How Long Is It?

This course is about 3 hours of video. There’s about 75 minutes of photography, filter, and gear videos that show you how to shoot long exposures. Then there’s another 80-90 minutes of photo editing videos.

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