Mystery Solved! The Lightroom Color Tool

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Hey there everyone! I’ve got another deep-dive Lightroom video for ya! This time we’ll look at a little-known/used tool with the selective adjustments in Lightroom (and Photoshop Camera Raw). It’s the Color option and it hides WAY down at the very bottom of the Grad/Radial/Brush panel. At first glance it looks like it may do the same thing as white balance or your other color adjustments, but it’s actually a lot different. Enjoy!


    1. Shirley

      Ah, that’s how you do it. Thanks…for the most part I stumbled around the colour addition not knowing how or why to use it.

  1. Dennis Zito

    Hey Matt,

    Nicely done!!! Great tutorial. I’ve used this a couple of times in some autumn photos, but only to accentuate the color of the trees. You also taught me to drag the eye dropper over the color to match the existing color. I’ve never thought to use as a total gradient … awesome!


  2. Bob

    Nice tip. Never used it before. It is great that you keep us informed about those “hidden” gems in Lightroom.

  3. Gary

    Absolutely amazing!
    Never ever knew what it did
    Thank you so much!
    Now to learn whatever the tone curve is and split toning
    Oh, another mystery………..the esoteric and nebulous workings behind the catalog

  4. Peter

    Die Tipps sind immer wieder eine Fundgrube. Danke!

    The tips are always a treasure trove. Thank you!

  5. Frank

    Awesome demo Matt! Thanks..
    Might have never tried it had you not pointed it out.

  6. Beverly Edgmon

    I can see this working beautifully in real estate photos with lifeless grasses. Many thanks for continually offering your expertise. I am your fan!!

  7. Ben Lucera

    As always, great tutorial Matt. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. God bless.

  8. Ben Licera

    As always, great tutorial Matt. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. God bless!

  9. Ulrich Tutsch

    Another wonderful tutorial, Matt. I’ve been following you for quite some time. My problem is to remember all the excellent tips you’ve been posting over the years.

  10. Leon DeVries

    Loved that last example with the Spring grass & the Fall trees! Kinda unique.

  11. Bob

    Great tip. And never have used it.and have been using LR since first version.

  12. Chacne

    It’s been a while since I’ve had a video that blew my mind in Lightroom, but this one sure did it – thanks Matt!

  13. Gene

    I always wondered about that Color box. Fantastic tip to add more creativity to my photos. Thanks a lot. I really enjoy your LR and PS tips. Keep them coming.

  14. Mark Pajari

    Great tip, Matt. This is one corner of Lightroom that I hadn’t yet used, but I will keep that one in my retouching arsenal moving forward… Thanks!

  15. Philip R. Swensen

    Matt, thank you so much! Everytime I watch you work I am reminded again of why I love your teaching, and your photography. I also love (and am very envious) of your artistic eye. I love your Photoshop, Lightroom, and On1, courses. If I only had a bit more of my mother’s artistic genetics (she was an oil and watercolor painter) I could be more optimistic going forward. But, it is so much fun to learn from you. Thanks much for your knowledge, encouragement, motivation, and helping us enrichen our love for this wonderful endeavor!

  16. Catherine

    That’s brill, thank you! Have been having trouble with my greens appearing too bright and your tip has sorted it.

  17. Darlene

    You make Lightroom fun ,great tips presented simply and easy to follow along.
    I loved how it improved my sample photo.
    I am doing one of your Lightroom Courses ,learning while enjoying the process at the same time.

    Thanks Matt, you’ve made my learning easier.

  18. Jerry Ennis

    I have wondered about that box for a long time, but hadn’t researched it. Great tip. I’ve already used it several times and it is great. Thanks.

  19. Colin Hegan

    Thanks Matt. Great advice. Was a real surprise to see my photo used. This was taken at Sundance in Utah and the Fall colours were wonderful. Your approach has stimulated me to revisit these photos again. This is something I should do more as you always see old photos differently especially if you have learnt new techniques since they were taken. So much fun. Thanks

    1. Author
      Matt K

      Thanks Colin for letting me use the photo. It’s a great example. I’ll definitely be diving in to my photo makeover submission folder for other material. It’s great to have different people’s images in there so you get a bunch of shooting styles.
      Thanks again!

  20. Rod Sterling

    Always enjoy your teaching style Matt. Great tips that are easy to execute. Keep up the great content!

  21. Feve

    Thanks for your videos. Haven’t tried use it, but will try using your tips. Thank you.

  22. Yelverton Suzanne

    I have always wondered what that little xbox is for and had played around with it. I appreciated seeing it correctly applied! thanks

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