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Lightroom Profile Bundle

$79.99 $29.99

The Profile Bundle includes 90 Profiles to style your photos. Great value as you get 4 Profile Packs in 1 awesome bundle!


Product Description

The Lightroom Profile Bundle includes the following 4 Preset Packs:

The 4 Seasons Pack– This package contains 20 profiles that give the “looks” of the various seasons. It includes everything from subtle cold and blueish tones for winter, to saturated reds for fall, bright spring colors, all the way to warm and hazy for summer.

The Landscape Pack – This package contains 25 profiles for landscape, nature and outdoor photos. They’re tuned for the colors we get outdoors and usually don’t take skin tones in to account (but hey… it’s always worth a try to see some fun effects). You’ll find everything from warmer tones, to cold wintery looks, turning day into night, and profiles that look great on sunsets, waterfalls, and even foggy muted photos.

The Portrait and Wedding Pack – This package contains 25 profiles that can be used to create great looks in Lightroom and Photoshop Camera Raw.

The Black and White Pack – Of all the profile packages that contain settings you can’t get in Lightroom, this is probably one of the biggest. This pack contains 20 profiles that bring the beloved Gradient Map and Channel Mixer B&W settings from Photoshop, right in to Lightroom.