Recent Interviews with Photofocus and Creators Cast

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Hey everyone. If you’ve got some time this week (and want to bore yourself to death listening to me), I’ve done a couple of interviews recently. And, I’m totally just teasing. The interviews are actually very good, mainly because I was interviewed by two really cool people: Rich Harrington from Photofocus and Scott King from the Creators Cast.

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Photofocus Interview:
• Where? – You can listen to it here on the Photofocus website
• What? – We mainly talk about editing photos. Some of the trends out there and how Lightroom and the effects plug-ins play a role.

Creators Cast Interview:
• Where? – Here’s the link to the interview on Scott King’s webiste
• What? – Scott took a different approach on this one and we talk about the creative process and how projects come to life. If you’ve ever wondered about what goes on behind the scenes after a book or video idea is thought up, then this interview answers some of those questions.

I just wanted to say a big thanks to Scott and Rich for having me on their shows. Obviously for me, it’s always fun to talk about me (I love me by the way…) 😉 But these guys do a great job of putting together questions that you (the listener) would want to hear about.

Have a good one!

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