I won’t lie… I’m a Lightroom preset junkie. But I’ve been playing with Photoshop’s Color Lookup Table adjustment for a while now, and I’m really diggin’ the results. I think, as photographers, we all go through different changes and moods when it comes to our photography. These Color Lookup Tables (also called, “LUTs”) have given me a new look on some styling that I can do on my photos.

Free Download

If you watch the video below you’ll see, toward the end, I mention a download. It’s a PSD file that lets you cycle through Photoshop’s built-in 3DLUTs in an easier and more visual way. Just open the PSD file > Go to Window-Layer Comps > and press the arrows at the bottom to cycle through the various presets.

Here’s the link to download the Sample PSD File.

The Video

As promised, here’s a video that talks a little about how to use the lookup tables, why/when I use them, and some tricks to help get the most out of them. Enjoy!


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