Video: How To Move Lightroom From One Computer to Another

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Moving your Lightroom catalog from one computer to another doesn’t have to be a challenge. Here’s a video that shows you how.


  1. Jay Gosdin

    This is a good start Matt! But your way is easy because you keep your entire catalog on one external drive. What about those of us that mostly use a desktop and only use the laptop when we travel? I don’t want to travel with my entire catalog. I want to just copy over the catalog changes and new pictures to my desktop when I get back home. I can do this, but it does take a little more effort. You should come up with a teachable moment to share with the many people that are in this situation.

    1. Matt K

      Hi Jay. Sadly the teachable moment is to keep it simple. There is the File Import/Export catalog feature and it’s convoluted and difficult, which is why not many use it with success. My recommendation (and teachable moment) would be to copy the catalog back and forth 🙂

  2. Jim Beardsley

    Same Question as Jay Gosdin. Use desktop as main computer with large external hd, but take laptop with external hd when I travel. Pictures are often initally edited on laptop. Finished on desktop. Is there an easy way to combine.?

    1. Matt K

      Hi Jim. Yes, you’d have to use File > Export Catalog and then bring it over to the other computer and use File > Import Catalog. It’s incredibly difficult and convoluted to do which is why I recommend using the same catalog between the computers.

  3. Anila Jain

    Hello Matt your described process of moving lightroom catalog from one computer to another is looking pretty easy to follow! I was just wondering have you thought of making any video like this for moving Photoshop elements catalog as well?

  4. John

    Wow! I never new that it is also possible to move Lightroom from one computer to another. Very interesting topic. Can I move Adobe Photoshop accordingly?

    1. Matt K

      Hey John. Photoshop doesn’t have a catalog and work like LR. So you wouldn’t have to move it, but rather just install it on another computer.

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