Video: Tired of Your Photos Looking Flat in Lightroom?

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Ever wonder why your photos look saturated and contrasty for a few seconds and then change to a flat dull version? In this video I’ll tell you why and even better, you’ll see how you can quickly figure out what Lightroom did for those few seconds and turn it into a preset to apply to your other photos.


    1. Lynn Quin

      Thanks for this tip! Like others, I’d noticed this but never really knew how to work with it.

    2. Michelle Lamm Faries

      You’re suggestions are always right on point! Thanks for sharing you’re knowledge!

  1. jayne

    Can you please the,, me what program you are using to do your training sessions – with you and your computer on the screen

  2. Allen Brenneman

    Thanks for a great tip. You always explain things so clearly.


  3. Jim C.

    Thanks, Matt! Great explanation of what we often see!

    However, once again, I here the infamous, “…in the CC version only…”.oh well, I’m just a hobbyist and this looks like a very valuable function to set up for any professional; the real market of Adobe.

  4. Harry

    I recently discovered FastRaw Viewer and it clearly and instantly shows the difference between JPEG and RAW for any RAW file. Once I saw the difference, I decided never ever shoot anything in JPEG.

  5. RJS

    Thanks Matt. As usual with your videos I came out much smarter than when I went in.

    But as Jim C. points out above, us Perpetual Licensees are left with our noses pressed against the shop window. Give us a break, Adobe.

  6. Debbie

    I only use RAW,, do I need to shoot RAW+Jpeg to get a reference point image?

  7. Brett Silverthorn

    Great Tip Matt, been annoying me for years. Not sure how I didn’t get this. Mr Obvious once you explained it.
    Thank you again!

  8. Zigi Putnins

    1. thanks for explaining why the image changes a few seconds after displaying
    2. thanks for the reference/active tip
    3. so if you are doing to simply apply to jpg profile to the raw – why not just use the jpg? I thought the purpose of raw was to have finer level of adjustment to my preferences. I guess if i happen to like my camera’s vivid setting, i can use it.

  9. Michael Steighner

    Great tip Matt! That was starting to drive me NUTTS when importing and viewing my new Fuji Xt2 images that I used the Velvia presets on. Ill implement that tip next time 🙂

  10. Peter Detheridge

    Hey Matt, I enjoy your style of teaching and tips here and KelbyOne. So thanks! I have been using a camera calibration preset on import based on Color Passport readings however these do not sharpen or even look as vibrant as the JPEG. Can I combine these Color Passport presets with the Camera Landscape settings (for clarity, sharpening etc) to get a RAW image closer to the JPEG equivalent but still retain color correctness? Any advice will be appreciated.

    1. Matt K

      Hi Peter – sure. You can combine them with anything. It’s one of those things, you’re not going to find a specific “right” answer. The best proof would be to try it and see if it looks good. But technically, it sounds like you’re on the right track. Thx.

  11. Chris K.

    Nice tip Matt, I usually use the landscape preset in LR on my photos, but now that I also use ON1 RAW until they add camera picture styles which would be the best way to get that look as a starting point?

  12. John Kochanowski

    Matt–doing a bit of catching up here. I have RAW files on one card; JPEG’s on another. I do I import the two versions so that they are next to one another? Thanks–really enjoy all of your work.

  13. Dale

    Like others here, I’m using Lightroom 6, and have no plans on changing to rented/leased Adobe products, so good for those that can use this, as it would certainly be a good tool, so I’ll continue using my Lightroom 6 until it works no more, and then move on to a different product all together. I’m a hobby photographer, and have spent more than enough already on camera gear and software products (also use Photoshop Elements). I’ve moved more towards the Macphun products lately, as I have several and love the presets they have, as they’re a wonderful starting point, as are the presets in Lightroom. Enjoy your helpful video’s, thanks for sharing them with us!

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