Thank You Jim DiVitale – You Will Be Missed

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Earlier this week I found out that we lost one of our industry’s great artists – Jim DiVitale (aka. Jimmy D! – yes, you need the exclamation whenever you said it) 🙂

Jim was recognized by every aspect of the industry as one of the top photographers, artists and educators around. If you’ve been to Photoshop World, he was one of the first to ever teach there, and one of the beloved instructors that everyone came to love. But more than that, he was one helluva great guy to be around.

Personally, Jim D was one of the first people that taught me Photoshop. Before I ever wrote an article or recorded I video, I learned from one of the best. He was always at the top of my list to see when I attended Photoshop World (before I was ever an instructor).

I still remember early on in my days when I worked at KelbyOne. Jim was coming in to Tampa for something, and he was having dinner with Scott. I had probably only been at the company for a few weeks. Nobody knew me. Jim sure didn’t. But I remember walking in to Scott’s office that day and asking “Hey, do you mind if I come to dinner with you guys tonight? I’m a huge fan of Jim and I’d love to meet him”.

Scott of course said yes, and I still remember that dinner almost 14 years later. It saddens me to know I’ll never get another one with him.

Jim was a pioneer of photography and digital art. He was one of the first people to composite multiple photos together in Photoshop. He was compositing when it wasn’t cool, or the popular thing to do. In fact, it was a day when most photographers had never even opened Photoshop. There were no books or videos on it. Nobody was doing this type of work when Jim started. So much of what I know today, has its roots in what Jim taught me.

Jim buddy, I’m gonna miss you. Everyone who knew you, already misses you. And those of you that never had the pleasure of sitting in one of Jim’s classes… well… you don’t know what you’ve missed. But I have no doubt Jim’s work and education will live on to help many people for years to come.

Please keep Jim’s wife Helene Glassman (another Photoshop World master) and their family in your thoughts.

And here’s to one last playful yell of “Jimmy D!” across the hallways of Photoshop World 🙂


  1. Craig Beyers

    I think his wife is Helene Glassman, not Gassman. I echo your comments re: Jim as I participated in his (and one of Helene’s) at my first PhotoshopWorld.

  2. Craig Keudell

    Jimmy D and his lovely wife Helene are the best, first class all the way. I remember after Jim would speak of a cool edit he made in a software app, he would always add, “but make sure you get it right in the camera first.” He was a gentleman and will be missed.

  3. Victor Hayes

    Matt, I am not sure if you remember me or not, Victor Hayes. I am so sad to here that Jim passed, I had a fee last words with him the week before. I will miss him so much, he gave me so much, he will forever be in my heart.One of if not the best photographer I have ever know. My heart goes out to Helene.
    Lastly, he will be forever missed.

  4. Janet Hawkes

    I was “Jimmy’s” high school sweetheart from Feb 1972 to March 1975. We were in touch a few times later on as my mother and his mother became best friends and talked regularly. I was so proud and impressed by his success in the photography world and he was very deserving of his achievements. Tonight I decided to see if I could catch up on his latest ventures and am saddened beyond words to learn of his passing. My heartfelt sympathy to Helene as she was blessed to have had him in her life, he was one of a kind and a very sweet soul. R.I.P. Jimmy <3

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