Are Your Questions Hurting Your Progress?

I'd love to see a lively discussion on this one so please leave a comment below. This has been a topic I've been wanting to write about for a while...

What’s New in Photoshop (May 2023 Update)

Adobe released a small but really powerful new tool in Photoshop this week. It's called the "Remove Tool" and has a really simple task - to remove...

How to Mask Adobe’s AI Noise Reduction

Hi all. I've gotten a lot of questions on whether or not you can use the masking tools in Lightroom and Camera Raw with the new AI Noise Reduction....

Coming Clean on What I Really Do With My Photos

Recently I had a MAJOR revelation about photography and what most people enjoy about it. It's something that, as I think back over the years, people have been telling me over and over again in subtle ways - but I never paid attention. Lately, as I was creating my...

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My First 4 Weeks with the Sony Alpha 1

It's been about a month since I got the Sony a1 (Alpha 1) camera and I wanted to give my first thoughts on it. I'll start off by saying I've never had a bigger smile on my face after shooting with a camera than this one. For some one like me, a wildlife and landscape...

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How to Batch Apply Presets in Lightroom Classic

Hi. Lightroom has a number of ways to apply presets. But a popular question I get is how do I apply presets to multiple photos at once. In this video we'll look at 3 ways to Batch apply presets across many photos at once. Enjoy! Click here to download the free sample...

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First Thoughts on the Sony Alpha 1 Bird Eye Focus

First Thoughts on the Sony Alpha 1 Bird Eye Focus

Last week I did a dedicated video on the Sony Alpha 1's 30 Frames Per Second (FPS) feature (link). This week I wanted to share my first thoughts on the bird eye auto focus feature. NOTE: Download sample photo is no longer available. One thing I keep getting asked...

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The Sony a1 Insane Frame Rate

My first thoughts on the Sony a1 Frame Rate. Also Click Here check out Mark Galer's Sony videos for a full 1 hour camera setup.

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Get Through 1500 Photos in 15 Minutes

Hi everyone! This week I've got something a little difference. I recently had to get through over 1500 photos and filter them down to something manageable to look at. So I figured I'd record my thoughts on how I did it in case you have to get through a big shoot too. ...

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Photoshop Tips to Make Your Wildlife Stand Out

Hi everyone! This week I've got a great technique to help your wildlife photos really stand out. Earlier in the week I went to photograph bald eagles and Osprey around a lake here in Florida. This technique was used on nearly every one of my keepers from the trip, and...

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