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Download and Managing Your Adobe Updates

This time of year my support inbox usually fills up with requests on how to download new versions, the new version doesn't show the new features, or...

Photoshop 2022 – Major Photoshop Update

Adobe just released the latest update to Photoshop and I've got a video covering everything that's new. Enjoy!

The Biggest Change to Lightroom… EVER!

Today, Adobe has announced and released a new version of Lightroom Classic (and Photoshop too). This new version has totally changed the way I edit...

Catch My Interview on Nik Radio

Recently Scott Sheppard interviewed me for Nik Radio. When we first started he mentioned we'd go for around 30-40 minutes and I thought "what the heck are we gonna talk about?". As we started talking, Scott asked a lot of questions about me and how I got into the...

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5 Things You’ve Gotta See This Week

If you haven't seen this stuff this past week then you have to go watch/read/visit them. Most of it's free too. In no particular order: 1) Scott Kelby's Connecting with Cuba webcast: It's been getting crazy good reviews and people are really digging the 1-hour long...

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