Matt and Blake’s MEGA Photo Editing Retreat Update (March 2021)

Your Options…

You have two options (please watch the video above first)


We will refund half of your $5975. You will then be signed up for the 6 week Photo Editing program that we outlined in the video. This program will begin in early April and details will follow on dates/times, etc… as well as the survey we mentioned. 


As we mentioned in the video. If you’d like a full refund you can get one. We are automatically charged approximately 2-3% and we’ll make up that $100-150-ish with you in store credit in either of our online stores if you’d like. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What skill level required?

All ranges of skill levels are invited. We will not be teaching a “Basic” class though. You’ll be expected to know the basics of using layers, blend modes, and masks in Photoshop (the basics only).

You’ll also need to know how to already import your photos in to Lightroom (or use Bridge if that’s how you organize).

What software will be covered?

This is an Adobe based editing workshop. We will not be covering other software other than one of the classes that talks about plug-ins and 3rd party add-ons to Adobe. 


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