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Photography FRESH START

Make 2020 Your Best
Photography Year yet!

Emails will go out on Monday and Thursday for the next 3 weeks. There’s no promise on the time they go out. So please:

  1. Always check your email junk folder
  2. Make sure that “” is a trusted contact
  3. And wait until Tuesday morning or Friday morning before contacting support 🙂


Make this the year you finally conquer Photoshop!

I’ve updated my big Photoshop course for the latest 2020 version and it’s on sale with an extra bonus for Fresh Start members. You’ll get two years of free updates instead of just one. 

Or if you need to learn Lightroom, my Lightroom System has been fully updated as well. (click here)

BONUS WEEK: All about Software

This bonus week I’ll help you with what software to use and different things to consider in your editing process. 

Week 3 / Project 2

Is the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) actually hurting your progress in photography?

Week 3 / Project 1

Learn your gear and settings, so that you can really concentrate more on the photography and creative part when you’re out shooting. 

Week 2 / Project 2

Reading all of your comments so far, I’ve identified some common things that I see holding people back. We’ll discuss them in this video and some ways to help over come these hurdles so that you have more success with your photography. 

Week 2 / Project 1

This video will get you thinking about what kind of photographer you really want to be. Once you can think about what really motiviates you, you can put the effort and focus in to making it happen. 

Week 1 / Project 2 

Get your photography life and training organized so you can use it when you need to use it and find things when you need to find them. 

Week 1 / Project 1

This week is about sharing your favorite photos from 2019. I think this is a really important practice to get in to, and you’ll be amazed at how taking some time to look back at last year’s photos will give you a creative boost going forward. 

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