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Week 3 / Project 2

FOCUS! Well, it’s our last video of Fresh Start 2022. I wanted to leave you with a concept that I think can help your photo editing and learning process all year long. 

Week 3 / Project 1

Getting Organized! Here are some tips for getting your photography life organized as well as some tips for Photoshop and Lightroom that can really keep you moving along faster. 

Week 2 / Project 2

Backup! Develop a good backup strategy now so that you can concentrate on making and editing great photos for the rest of the year. 

Week 2 / Project 1

This time we’ll talk about practice. Most people don’t shoot enough to learn their camera inside and out. So we need to add practice to our photography, so that we can keep moving ahead. 

Week 1 / Project 2

Things to STOP Worrying About! I’ve gathered a list over the years of things that I believe people worry too much about. These things can actually take us away from the stuff that will actually help you make or edit a great photo. 

Week 1 / Project 1

This week is about sharing your favorite photos from 2021. I think this is a really important practice to get in to, and you’ll be amazed at how taking some time to look back at last year’s photos will give you a creative boost going forward.


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