Hey folks. I wanted to share an interview that Tamara Lackey did with me recently on her reDefine show (Adorama TV). I’ve done a lot of interviews and they’re always fun to take part in. But most (not all) of them tend to have the same questions.
– How did you get in to photography?
– Tell us about your favorite photo
– What inspires you?

And there’s nothing wrong with that, but mostly my answers don’t change. But in this interview Tamara really dove in to some other areas of my business and going out on my own. It was kind of interesting for me to think/talk about as I never really had before. We dove in to my thoughts and motivations while leaving Kelby Media. Then about joining ON1, and then leaving there as well to develop my business here at MattK.com.

Anyway, it was definitely an insightful interview for me to be a part of, so hopefully it’s a good one for you to watch too. Enjoy!


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