Updated for 2022!

The Art of Landscape Editing

Creative, Technical, and Fine Art Landscape Techniques

with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop


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Sneak Peak

3 Things You’ll Learn About 

This course is organized into 7 “mini” courses / modules. Each one covers a specific area to help you master your landscapes. You can watch whatever you like, whenever you like.

Basics and Essentials

An entire 2 hour basics course is included, just in case you need a refresher. 

Creative and Fine Art Techniques

This is what EVERYONE asked for. And this course delivers. You’ll uncover ideas for editing your photos whether it’s keeping it close to reality, or really pushing it past. 

Smooth Channel Based Selections

Sometimes you have to learn about the technical stuff to reach your creative vision. Getting really fine tuned selections can help in every way. 

What Others Are Saying

This course is all about ONE word…


For me, Vision is the main idea that separates a technically proficient photographer from some one who can truly visually communicate with their photos. 
You’ve all probably met (or maybe you are) that person from your photography club that can speak in f-stops, can calculate shutter speeds in their heads, and tell you every technical detail about photography. But their photos are missing something and they don’t have the vision to take them further. It’s TOTALLY normal. 
Because the technical is quantitative, and can be measured. You either know what Aperture is, or you don’t. It’s easier to learn than the creative part. Until now…
See… once you learn the technical stuff, it’s fairly easy to go out and document what’s in front of you. To capture a scene as it looks. 
But what about how the scene actually feels? Does that matter? To me, it’s ALL that matters.
I want to make photos that move people and elicit something from them.
Am I creating reality? Maybe not, but find me a definition of photography that says “the photo captured must resemble reality”. Go ahead… I challenge you to take a minute and Google the definition. You won’t find one that says it’s about capturing reality. Sure… photography purists have made their own definition, but if you’re willing to explore with me, you’ll see there’s so much more. 

481 Minutes Long

7 Chapters / Modules (mini courses)

286 PDF Cheat Sheet Pages

“This course is exactly what is needed to get me at the next level. It opens so many doors that were not even suspected “

– Bernard

What’s The Course All About

Course Contents

This course is organized in to 7 “mini” courses / modules. Each one covers a specific area to help you master your landscapes. You can watch whatever you like, whenever you like. You do not have to watch anything in order and you can skip around as much as you want. 


1. Essentials and Basics (2 hours, 12 minutes)

Layers | Develop Basics | Evaluating a Photo

Think of this as the Landscape Course you would have gotten from me 5 years ago. If you already saw my basic stuff, you can skip this and there’s still 6 hours worth of material for you to watch. If you need a refresher, this 2-hour Module will get you up and running on the basic edits that we do before we get to the creative stuff. This includes a refresher on histograms, toning, color correction, sharpening, noise reduction and overall workflow. 


2. Light, Color and Atmosphere (1 hour)

Enhancing Light | Sun Rays | Adding and Changing Color

This section is about working with light (and enhancing it), adding sun or the appearance of light, as well as realistically coloring and blending colors in photos. 


3. Masking and Channel Selections (1 hour)

Channel Masks | Exposure Blending | Realistic Selections

I have to say… when I finish a video and sit back and say “Wow!”, you know it’s something you want to watch. I went through some selections and concepts in this module that really showcase why Photoshop is so powerful. 


4. Mastering the Sky (1 hour, 25 minutes)

Making Clouds Bigger | Sky Replacement | Night Skies

The sky is arguable one of the most important parts of the landscape photo. This section shows you all the techniques I know for working with (and balancing) color, contrast, and various techniques to really make the sky stand out. 


5. Fine Art + Creative Looks (1 hour, 27 min)

The Real B&W | Textures | Editing with Mood

I consider this to be one of the stars of the show. These techniques will get you thinking about different looks and creative styles you can edit your photos with. Fine Art was the most requested item on my survey – this section delivers. 


6. Removing Distractions (1 hour, 7 minutes)

Content Aware Deep Dive | Photo Patching

It’s not super fun stuff, but when you see how powerful the new Content Aware area is in the latest version of Photoshop, you’ll be blown away at how easy it can be to remove distractions. 


7. Shooting For the Edit (1 hour)

Focus Stacking | Super Moons | HDR | Panoramas 

As a landscape photographer, sometimes it’s good to know when to “shoot for the edit”. Meaning, you take the photo (or photos) knowing that you’re going to do something specific with them later.


Want to Know If Something Specific is Covered?

If you want to see if a specific topic was covered, then make sure you watch the video at the top of the page (skip ahead to 9 minutes and 20 seconds in the video). I go through the whole outline of the course, so you can see exactly which videos are included.

Some of My Personal Favorites

Course Highlights 

As with any course I create, I always have some personal favorites. Topics and techniques that I know are different from what’s out there, and will really help people.


Finally Learn the BEST Black and White

This one really bugs me… when I see people confused, and spending their money on the wrong black and white conversions. This will help!


Selection Techniques with a Creative Process

When you learn to see your photo creatively, you can use some simple (and more complex) selection techniques, in new ways, to make adjustments.


Distractions Aren't All Created Equal

Distracting elemements come in all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t always have to be a telephone wire. In fact, distracting elements can be things like wide angle issues where the background is too small, clouds that didn’t cover the sky in a nice pattern, and much more. We’ll address how to enhance the photos so that your vision is carried through.


Fine Art and Creative Looks

There’s an entire Section/Module (with 11 videos in it) dedicated to ideas for creative looks that give that “fine art” feel. I even finish most videos with a “wall view” of an image hanging on the wall and what ways I would envision showing something like this off. 

Just Sayin’…

Should You Buy This Course?

This course is for you if…

You should probably skip this one if…


You want to learn more about "the art of the edit"


You know that vision is important, but you need help seeing it.


You want to learn more technical so you can be more creative.


You know that good photo editing is where taste and skill meet.


You think Sharpening is the magic ingredient you're missing


You think that Noise Reduction is the key to your landscapes


You think Focus Stacking will help your photos


You think color space really matters that much

What is “Fine Art”

“Creative art, esp. visual art, whose products are to be appreciated primarily or solely for their imaginative, aesthetic, or intellectual content.”  (from Google)

For me, this just means Have Fun. Stop over-thinking what something is called and JUST DO IT. Edit… Experiment… There are no rules, so stop making them 🙂

Master the Sky!

Learn how to make smooth and realistic selections across various tones in the sky for smooth transitions. 


Channel based selections


Color Range Based Selections

It’s All About Vision!

Envisioning what’s possible with a photo can be the difference between flat and amazing.


Learn how to "see" the light


The right way to dodge and burn

Impossible Image Blends

Learn how to do what looks like impossible blending to get the best out of your shadows and highlights. 


When regular selection tools don't work


Learn realistic channel selection techniques

Light, Atmosphere, Glow

Learn how to evaluate and enhance your photos to bring out the best qualities in each. 


Atmospheric effects like glow, fog and sun


Learn how to edit based on "feel"

Create Works of Art

Don’t just add texture. Learn how to make it the star of the show and choose a theme that works for a specific photo. 


How to go beyond basic texturing


Make textures a part of the photo

“I think your Art of Editing Landscapes course is one of the best ones I’ve seen you do.”

– Larry Doucet

Pricing and Bonuses

50% Off
On Sale now for $99.99 (Regularly $199.99)


All Videos (65 Lesson / 7 hours)


All photos to follow along with


286 Page PDF Cheat Sheet (see below)


Creative Landscape Toolkit ($20 Value) (see below)


Printing Papers and Surfaces Discussion (see below)


The Plug-in Showdown (see below)

What Are the Premium Bonuses?


PDF Cheat Sheet

Includes a 286 page PDF Cheat Sheet. This is a written outline of each step so you can follow along more easily wtih the videos.

Creative Landscape Toolkit

This toolkit includes 50 brushes, textures or overlays to help kickstart your creative editing, along with videos on how to use them. The kit is made up of:

– 10 Cloud Brushes
– 15 Textures
– 10 Fog Overlays
– 15 Colorful Gradients for Color Blending and relighting

What Papers / Surfaces to Print On?

This includes 3 videos.

  1. A 45 minute disucssion with Dan Steinhardt (from Epson). He’s an absolute printing master, and we talk about the differences between various papers (not Epson specific).
  2. Video review of various surfaces like metal, metallic, canvas, wood. (5 minutes)
  3. 3 ways to make some extra $$ with your prints. (5 minutes)

The Plug-In Smackdown!

An honest review from Matt on plug-ins that he thinks are essential (with comparisons) and ones that he thinks are not. Topics covered are noise reduction plug-ins, up-sizing plug-ins, and creative plug-ins from Alien Skin, Topaz, Skylum and ON1.

“This is for sure not just another landscape course – it takes landscape photo editing to a whole new level.”

– Annemarie Beukman

Skill Level

What Skill Level Do I Need?


Lightroom Skill Level

Importing | Organizing | Basic Develop

In Lightroom, you’ll need to know how to import your photos and do basic Develop module changes. I’ll always start in Lightroom as much first step “raw” editor, but the videos do explain what to do if you use Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) in Photoshop. 


Photoshop Skill Level

Layers | Basic Selections | Brushes

In Photoshop, you’ll need to know the basics of using Layers, selections, blend modes, and applying a Filter to your photos.

“Thank you for bringing Landscape editing to life and adding to my increasing enjoyment of photography.”

– Colin Hegan

Frequently Asked Questions

What Software / Versions will I need?

90% of this course doesn’t matter which version of Lightroom and Photoshop you’re using. But, where applicable, the course has been updated for Photoshop 2022 (sky replacement, some masking tools). It assumes you start in Lightroom for your raw editing but you can also use Photoshop’s Camera Raw for that part (ACR).

How is this course different from your other landscape courses?

Any landscape course you’ve seen from me (not on this site) was done before 2016 so it’s fairly dated.

I have NEVER done anything this comprehensive and this Creative and my workflow has changed A LOT! All of my courses were the usual shadows, highlights, whites, blacks, and finish with a vignette. But this one is more about showing how to build the “vision” to edit photos and get the results that you really want. Heck… there’s a 30-day 100% No Questions Asked refund policy, so give it a shot. I truly think you’ll see it’s different (or I wouldn’t have created it). But if not, just send us a message and you’ll get a full refund (no questions asked).

What is the skill level of this course?

This course can be for a late beginner all the way up advanced. As long as you know the basics, I think there is a TON you can take away from it.

But if you’re an advanced user, please make sure you go at this with the right mindset. I (most likely) won’t be teaching you a new tools. When you’re advanced, if you learn how to use an existing tool in a new way or better, than you got your money’s worth.

Don’t buy this if you’re going to say “I already knew that”. There’s enough new content in here that I know that’s not true 🙂

Can't find an answer? Contact Support below.

If you’ve read through the FAQs to the left and don’t see your question listed, please contact support.

“A course unlike any other!”

– Frank Fiorentino (Sarasota, FL)

Your Instructor… Matt Kloskowski


“Good editing is where taste and skill meet”

Who Is Matt?

If I could sum myself up in to one sentence I’d say that I’m a guy who really loves to teach. When I think about what I enjoy most in this industry, it’s helping people learn about photography and photo editing.

I believe that successful photography (both in camera and after) is where taste and skill meet. 

A lot of people don’t know this, but I don’t shoot professionally anymore. At all! I have ZERO ego attached to my photography which means I don’t have any trade secrets, and I hold ABSOLUTELY NOTHING back (because my job is to teach, not shoot).

Do I love the occasional compliment on my photography? Sure… who doesn’t? But what really keeps me going is when I hear success stories from people who have taken my courses. So hop on board, and I hope to hear from you soon 



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