• Intro & Getting Started 5m 57s
  • The Lightroom Mobile Camera 5m 05s
  • Getting Photos in to Lightroom Mobile 4m 35s
  • Organizing and Filtering with Flags and Ratings 2m 39s
  • Lightroom Mobile Workflow 5m 54s
  • Viewing and Adding Photos On Your Desktop 3m 46s
  • Where are your photos stored? 8m 26s
  • Editing Photos in Lightroom Mobile 6m 24s
  • Lightroom Mobile Preferences and Shortcuts 2m 19s
  • Frequently Asked Questions 1m 23s
In this course you’ll get an introduction to using Lightroom mobile for landscape and travel photographers. If you’re not a pro, don’t worry. This course is really meant for people who take trips and vacations and just want a quick easy way to organize and share their mobile photos, along with their DSLR photos in one place. Gone are the days of emailing yourself a photo from your desktop, just so you can share it on your phone. If you follow Matt’s travel and vacation workflow, you’ll always have your favorite photos when you need them no matter what camera you use.

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