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Here’s the TOP 3 areas I hear questions about.
(Click to see a quick 60 second clip about each one)

Organizing and Catalogs

Finally understand how to organize your photos, use the catalog, and a rock solid backup plan.

Start to Finish Example Workflows

Full start-to-finish videos that walk you through the entire workflow for landscapes, portraits, and travel.

Printing, Sharpening and Noise Reduction

One of the most complete resources you’ll find anywhere on sharpening, noise reduction and start-to-finish printing.

What You’ll Learn

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    Organizing and Importing

    A bulletproof photo organizing system that’ll make using Lightroom and keeping track of your photos easy.

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    Interface Tips and Shortcuts

    All of the key things you need to know about Lightroom’s interface, including preferences and shortcuts.

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    Viewing, Sorting, Finding Favorites

    Once your photos are in Lightroom, you’ll need a good system to find the favorites.

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    The Power Behind Collections

    Collections are the key to unlocking the power of Lightroom in so many ways.

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    Advanced Organizing

    Everything you need to know about Keywords, metadata, face-tagging and maps.

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    The Develop Module

    This section is HUGE! It covers everything about the Develop module from basic edits, to lens correction, brushing and more.

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    Sharpening and Noise Reduction

    I included an entire mini-course on sharpening and noise reduction since it’s such a popular part of the workflow.

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    Sharing and Saving Photos

    When you want to get your photos out of Lightroom and share with the world.

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    Creating Slideshows

    Everything you need to know about creating beautiful slideshows in Lightroom.

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    Complete Print Workflow

    Yep, you read it right. Printing where you see me set up the printer, prep a photo, and actually print it right there.

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    Showing Off Photos Online

    If you thought the web module was it, think again! There’s so much more to showing off online with Lightroom

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    Creating a Photo Book

    Learn how to create a great-looking photo book

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    Using Lightroom Mobile

    Lightroom mobile has a ton of power. Learn how to take advantage of it so your favorite photos are always with you

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    Backing Up Your Photos

    See my simple, but very effective backup system for Lightroom and all of your photos.

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    Everything You Need to Know About Catalogs

    One of the stars of this course. You will not find as complete information on catalogs anywhere!

Within This Course

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The Way Most People Teach Lightroom
(and why it’s wrong)

I hate to say this but I’m going to anyway… The way most people teach Lightroom (to me at least) is wrong. For starters, I’ve seen a lot of really complicated organizational systems. To a pro, Lightroom’s database and catalog system makes perfect sense. As a result, so many people glaze over the most important part of learning Lightroom – organizing, importing and catalogs.

That’s exactly where I changed my course. Instead of speeding past those topics, I spend a ton of time on them.

I feel that before you’re really going to get comfortable with editing your photos, you’ve got to be comfortable with finding them and organizing them in a way that makes sense. If you don’t “trust” Lightroom, you’re never going to get all of the benefits from it.

The other thing I’ve noticed is that a lot of photographers teaching Lightroom are (or used to be) working professionals. As a result, much of the workflow they teach is meant for, well… professionals just like themselves.

And I totally get it! I think that works for a lot pro photographers. But, I think most photographers need something different.

I’m not a working pro. I’ll even admit that I never really was. I’ve had many paid shooting gigs, but it was never my job. I’m an educator first and foremost, and a guy that loves to shoot. Because of that, I don’t complicate the workflow. At the same time, I understand that you still want professional results. That’s why, in this course, I show you just about every tool there is in Lightroom. But at the same time, I let you know which ones I think are important, and which ones I think you can skip.

What People Are Saying

Organizing • Importing • Catalogs • Backups

How Does Lightroom Really Work?

Entire videos that show the nuts and bolts of how Lightroom works behind the scenes

Do you ever see the dreaded question marks?

If you’ve seen the dreaded question marks, this course will show you how to get rid of them (and keep them away!)

Importing Made Super Simple

I have a bullet-proof organizing and import strategy that will make importing simple and fast

Want to Understand Catalogs?

Over 15 videos on catalogs. What they are, how to back them up, and how to use them between Desktop and Laptop

Frequently Asked Questions

What Version of Lightroom?

This course was recorded with Lightroom CC but will work well with Lightroom CC, 6, 5 (watch this quick video for more info)

Is this for Beginners or Advanced Users

The training is geared for some one just starting out. However, there’s plenty of videos included with some more advanced content.

Is there a time limit to watch videos?

The videos are yours to keep. You’ll download them and watch them at any time.

How Long Is This Course

There is over 13 hours of video in this course. Yep… 13 hours!

Bonus 1 - How Much Editing is Too Much?

Ever wonder when it’s time to stop editing so you don’t go overboard?

Bonus 2 - Everything To Know About Presets

Everything and anything you ever wanted to know about Lightroom Presets

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