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Here are the TOP 3 areas I hear questions about.
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Organizing The Easy Way

ON1 Browse is one of the easiest ways to organize, sort through, and browse all of your photos and folders.

Masking and Layers Tutorials

ON1’s Masking Tools are one of the most powerful (and most popular) areas inside of the program.

Making the Switch from Lightroom?

If you’re making the switch from Lightroom, this System has you covered with an entire Section on how to migrate.

The ON1 Photo System At A Glance

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The Way Most People Teach Photo Editing
(and why it’s wrong)

I’m going to lead this off with a pretty bold statement… I believe the way most people teach photo editing (to me at least) is wrong. For starters, I’ve seen a lot of really complicated organizational systems. To a working pro, those systems make perfect sense. As a result, so many educators glaze over very important concepts.

That’s exactly where I changed my way of teaching. Instead of speeding past those topics, I spend a ton of time on them.

I feel that before you’re really going to get comfortable with editing your photos, you’ve got to be comfortable with where your photos are and how to find them. If you don’t “trust” your system, you’re never going to get all of the benefits from it. And luckily ON1 Photo, makes that organizing process really simple for us.

The other thing I’ve noticed is that a lot of photographers teaching photo editing are (or used to be) working professionals. As a result, much of the workflow they teach is meant for, well… working professionals just like themselves.

And I totally get it! I think that works for a lot pro photographers. But, I think most people reading this need something different.

I’m not a working pro. I’ll even admit that I never really was. I’ve had many paid shooting gigs, but it was never my job. I’m an educator first and foremost, and proud of it! I’m a guy that loves to shoot (that also has a career, family, and other commitments). Because of that, I don’t complicate the workflow. At the same time, I understand that you still want professional results. That’s why, in this training system, I show you just about every tool there is in ON1. But… at the same time, I let you know which ones I think are important, and which ones I think you can skip so you can spend your time wisely.

What Are Office Hours?

Office Hours are really one of the best parts of this special offer this week. While I’ll continue to sell the course after this week, this aspect will not be included (and the price goes up). I only do this a few times a year and it’s VERY rare that I offer a course with this level of coaching and Q&A. Rather than bombard you with a bunch of text, take a look at this video and I think it’ll be well worth your time.
January 10th (12 pm ET) and January 31st (12 pm ET)


Frequently Asked Questions

What Version of ON1 Does This Cover?

This course was recorded with ON1 Photo RAW 2018, but it will also benefit ON1 Photo 2017 owners since much of the core functionality is the same. But this is definitely not for ON1 Photo 10 owners.

Matt... Do you Still work at ON1?

No, I left ON1 about 18 months ago to start my own photo training company (read more here). However, I still use ON1’s apps and I still believe they’re creating the best Lightroom/Photoshop alternatives out there.

Does this include the ON1 Photo 2018 Software?

No. This does not include ANY software. This is a training system created by me (Matt). If you wish to purchase ON1 Photo Raw 2018 or download a free trial, please visit ON1’s Website.

Is this for Beginners or Advanced Users

The training is geared for some one just starting out with ON1 or an intermediate user with some experience. However, I’d suggest watching the video at the very top, because it’ll show you exactly what’s included.

Is there a time limit to watch videos?

The videos are yours to keep. You’ll download them and watch them at any time and keep them forever. They don’t expire. There is no “official” class or start date. You download the videos immediately and you can watch at your own pace.

What if I don't own ON1 Photo Raw yet?

If you don’t own ON1 Photo Raw yet, they’ve offered my visitors an exclusive discount. Click here to find out more about purchasing ON1 Photo Raw 2018.

Do I Have to Follow a Schedule for this Course?

No, there is no schedule. You download the videos and they’re yours to keep/watch whenever. However, the office hours have a “Suggested Viewing” for each week as I walk you along the process of learning ON1.

How Many Hours Is The ON1 System?

There are over 10 hours of video in The ON1 System. It’s actually not just a course. If you watch the video at the very top of the page, you’ll see it’s like getting 10 courses in 1. A full complete “system” to learn ON1.

Can I Use These Videos on another Computer?

Yes. You may use these videos on up to 3 computers. And if you ever need to re-download it, you can always just contact support and we’ll get you new download links

Will these videos work on a tablet?

Yes. They videos will work on a tablet. You will need to transfer them there (using iCloud Drive, iTunes, Dropbox, or other file transfer options)

Should I switch from Lightroom to ON1?

I’m not touching that one with a 10-foot pole. That is up to you to decide 🙂 Personally, I think that if you are going to leave Lightroom, ON1 has the closest (and most similar) workflow out there.

Is This the Same as the ON1 Courses you've done in Plus in the past?

No. This is new training. While there is inevitably some overlap since certain concepts don’t change, this is new for 2018. I’d suggest watching the video at the top, to see the outline and find out if this is for you.


Are you Ready to get serious and finally master ON1 Photo Raw?

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Bonus 1 - Which Should I Use? Develop or Effects?

Ever wonder why there’s overlap between Develop and Effects? And more importantly, which one should you use? Click here to download Bonus Video 1.

Bonus 2 - ON1 Masking From Start to Finish

Here’s a masking project from start to finish where we’ll extract a foreground and replace the sky.Click here to download Bonus Video 2.

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