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Take full control over editing and enhancing your landscape photos.

Take control over your landscape photos!

Find out a little more by watching a quick 60 second video clip about the 3 key areas in the course.

Dynamic Contrast / Sharpening Deep Dive

Learn about two of the most questioned settings in ON1 as we take a deep dive in to all the options as they related specifically for landscape photos.


If you’ve purchased or watched another ON1 course from me before, this course is very different in how I teach landscape editing.

Master the sky and clouds

The sky and clouds are such an important part of a landscape photo and there are several places where we really dive in to how to work with them.

a new course for a new workflow in on1

If you’re an ON1 user, the latest Photo Raw 2019 is probably one of the biggest updates in ON1 history. Not only that, but the addition of Layers in the Raw Develop mode means you can now do things in ON1 that you could never do before.

Along with that power comes a bit of complexity. In addition to exploring landscape workflow deeper than I have before in ON1, this course will help you navigate the new changes in ON1 and figure out how to put them to work in your photos.

Learn the “Why” Behind My Landscape Editing?

For years I taught so much about the “how” of editing. But lately, I’ve felt that what was missing was more of the “why” behind the changes I make, so my videos concentrate more on this so that you’ll be better able to use these techniques on your own photos.

What makes this course different?

My guess is that many of you reading this page may have seen a tutorial or course from me (or some one else) before. So what makes this one different?

I think the main thing that separates this course from others that I’ve done is the fact that I took a different perspective on landscape workflow.

Rather than show a bunch of start-to-finish tutorials that may or may not be similar to your photos, I approached this course from the perspective of topics that affect ALL landscapes.

Topics like color, clouds, contrast to name a few. And rather than just show you a formula or recipe, I dive in to the nitty gritty of settings in places like the various sharpening controls and dynamic contrast.

What this boils down to is that I feel like this course will give you the tools to confidently work on your own landscapes and feel really comfortable with the settings you use.

Course Contents

Course Duration: Over 3.5 Hours of Video for ON1 2019

Lessons: There are 22 lessons that start with the basics and extend from there. Each one is between 7-15 minutes long so they’re easy to watch, and you’ll learn a key concept in each one of them. 

All Photos to Follow Along: If you like to follow along, all photos are included so you can sit at your own computer and try everything out. 


1. Start to Finish Walkthroughs: There are 3 full start to finish walkthroughs  that show you the entire workflow (an additional 30 minutes of video on top of the 3.5 hours above)

2. PDF Cheat Sheets: Includes a 115 pages PDF that has a short outline of each step and lesson so you can read and follow along. 

[et_pb_before_after before_image=”https://mattk.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/canyon-before.jpg” after_image=”https://mattk.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/canyon-after.jpg” style=”style-4″ transition=”fade” show_labels=”on” show_caption=”on” _builder_version=”3.17.2″][/et_pb_before_after]

The Zion Narrows

Learn how to edit dark shadows, bright highlights and add some extra lighting to the photo to really make it stand out.
[et_pb_before_after before_image=”https://mattk.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/river-before.jpg” after_image=”https://mattk.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/river-after.jpg” style=”style-4″ transition=”fade” show_labels=”on” show_caption=”on” _builder_version=”3.17.2″][/et_pb_before_after]

Editing Sky and Clouds

Learn the ins and outs of how to adjust the sky and clouds in your photos to really make ’em stand out.
[et_pb_before_after before_image=”https://mattk.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/sky-before.jpg” after_image=”https://mattk.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/sky-after.jpg” style=”style-4″ transition=”fade” show_labels=”on” show_caption=”on” _builder_version=”3.17.2″][/et_pb_before_after]

Sky Replacement

Watch as I replace a very difficult sky. Along the way I’ll explain the tools and a very repeatable workflow.
[et_pb_before_after before_image=”https://mattk.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/water-before.jpg” after_image=”https://mattk.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/water-after.jpg” style=”style-4″ transition=”fade” show_labels=”on” show_caption=”on” _builder_version=”3.14″][/et_pb_before_after]

Exposure and Tone

Learn the best ways to adjust exposure, tone and shadows. We’ll go in to the difference between Midtones and Shadows as well.


Here’s what you’ll learn

Lesson 1: The New workflow in ON1 2019 (13 min)
We’ll start out by learning some of the new features (especially Layers) and how they impact the overall workflow in ON1 2019.
Lesson 2: Evaluating a Landscape Photo For Editing (11 min)
Learn how I evaluate a photo to develop a game plan for editing. Whether it’s exposure, or shadows and highlights, sometimes it’s important to know what you can do with the photo before editing.
Lesson 3: Adding Light (8 min)
One of my favorite things to do in landscape photos is to add a little bit of light. Especially when the lighting wasn’t great to begin with.
Lesson 4: All About Sharpening for Landscapes (11 min)
In this lesson we’ll look at the various ways to sharpen a landscape photo. We have sharpening in Develop and sharpening in Effects, and we’ll look at what the settings do and why/when to use each one.
Lesson 5: Dynamic Contrast Deep Dive (13 min)
This lesson is a deeper look in to what Dynamic Contrast is really doing at its various settings. We’ll compare the same photo with various settings to see how it reacts.
Lesson 6: Adding Size and Scale in Wide Angle Photos (10 min)
In this video we’re going to look at something that would be really tough to do with Layers in ON1 and one of my most popular techniques lately. f you shoot with a wide angle lens, you’ll often minimize things in the distance because of the way the lens compresses the scene. This technique will let you enlarge them and make a HUGE impact on your photo.
Lesson 7: The Best Way to Adjust Color (8 min)
Color is a major part of landscape editing. In this video we’ll look at the various technical and creative color adjustments and why/when to use them.
Lesson 8: How to Change Colors (10 min)
Sometimes you’ll need to change a color in a photo. We’ll take a look at the Color Adjustment effects and the Local adjustments where we can paint or replace colors in the photo.
Lesson 9: Adding Glow and Atmosphere (13 min)
The glow technique has been around for a while, but it’s still alive and more popular than ever today. We’ll look at how to add it with a preset as well as ways to create it from scratch.
Lesson 10: Fixing Spots and Other Distractions (7 min)
It’s not glamorous but it’s a necessary step in editing a photo. In this lesson we’ll look at all of the “fix” tools and which ones fit in best for tasks such as spots, and which ones work best for fixing larger areas.
Lesson 11: Cloud Enhancing Techniques (11 min)
Clouds can make or break a landscape photo. I’ve dedicated an entire lesson to the various cloud formations we see and how best to edit them.
Lesson 12: Adding Sun Rays (12 min)
This tutorial was one of those “ah ha” moments for me in realizing how much power the new Layers panel in Develop can really be. You’ll be amazed when you see what a little creative thinking can do for adding a touch of sun.
Lesson 13: Replacing a Sky (21 min)
From a “workflow” perspective, we’ve already done our masking and blending of the photos. That doesn’t mean that’s all there is to do though. In this lesson we’ll clean up some spots, and even show you how to get rid of the luminosity masks so they don’t cause your file sizes to get too large.
Lesson 14: Adding a Reflection (9 min)
With the addition of layers in ON1 2019, we can now add reflections to photos as well.
Lesson 15: Luminosity Masking Basics (13 min)
In this video we’ll look at the basics of Luminosity Masking. But not just how to do it, but more importantly… why and how to pick the right photo.
Lesson 16: Blending Sun Flare / Sun Stars (12 min)
I love to shoot in to the sun. But it’s not without it’s issues especially if the sun is bright. In this lesson we’ll look at some ways to blend that sun with the rest of the photo.
Lesson 17: Focus Stacking (13 min)
In this lesson we’ll look at the new Focus Stacking feature in ON1 2019 and auto-stack photos. After that, we’ll look at how to do it manually with layers.
Lesson 18: Panorama Workflow (8 min)
In this video we’ll look at how to merge together a panorama photo.
Lesson 19: The New HDR Workflow (19 min)
HDR has been around for a while inside of ON1. But with the addition of Layers we can extend on HDR even more by adding new layers and even merging them at the end if you want to apply an effect.
Lesson 20: Stars & Night (10 min)
In this video we’ll look at some techniques for editing night and star photos.
Lesson 21: Midtones and Shadows Sliders (and the Difference)
A very common question I get is what’s the difference between the Midtones and Shadows slider. We’ll do a close comparison in this video and you’ll see exactly where they differ.
Lesson 22: Adjusting Parts of the Photo Using the AI Quick Mask Tool

Learn the new AI Quick Mask tool and how it can be used to adjust only parts of the photo while keeping other areas safe. 

Watch a 2 Minute sample

Here’s a quick sample from one of the videos so you can get a feel for the course.

BONUS #1: “I Didn’t know you could do that in ON1?”

FULL Start to finish Walkthroughs (over 30 additional minutes)

Patching a large area + sky replacement

This walkthrough was one of those “ah ha!” moments I had with the new layers feature in ON1 2019. There was a distracting road in the foreground and cropping it out ruined the photo. But with a little creative layering, you can patch even large areas in your photo and keep the full resolution (not to mention a quick sky replacement).

Long Exposure Clouds

Did you know you can blur things in ON1 2019? With some creative effects, layers and masking, you can give a photo that long-exposure streaky sky look. And all of it is layer based and non-destructive so you’ll be able to go back and edit any part of it later.

Adding Light… light… and more light!

Sometimes my photo just doesn’t live up to what I thought it would be when I took it. This tutorial is a perfect example of that. Not only did I use some lighting techniques to add light, but you’ll learn some good ways to enhance those techniques and really sculpt and direct the light to give your photo some extra depth.

BONUS #2: Written PDF cheat sheets

Not Just Video… Read and Follow Along Too!

PDF Cheat Sheets

High Quality and Printable, plus they’re easy to read.

For those of you who like to read and follow along, one of the “Bonuses” this week is a PDF “Cheat Sheet” for every lesson. That way you have an outline of the steps to follow along with or refer back to without watching the entire video again.

Step by Step Recaps

Screen Captures Too!

And Keyboard Shortcuts


Frequently asked questions

No. Not at all. I have not done this course before. If you look toward the top of the page (or click here), you’ll find a video where I talk about this question in more detail.
This course is more of a how (and why) to course, but it doesn’t cover what every feature in ON1 2019 does. If you need help with what a specific setting does, make sure you check out the (very complete) ON1 2019 user guide. There’s an online version and a PDF version too. (Click Here for more info)
No. This course is really meant for some one using ON1 as a stand-alone application and not a plug-in to Lightroom or Photoshop.
Yes. The videos are compatible with your tablets. However, you’ll first need to download them to your computer and then transfer the videos to your tablet.
You can download this course for us on up to 5 computers.
Yes. I created the ON1 Plus community back when I worked at ON1 and I always make sure we have a discount for you. Check your email for a message from ON1 or contact us here. To find out more about ON1 Plus, you can click here visit this page.
On a scale of 1 – 10 (with 10 being very advanced), I’d say this course is about a 4 when it comes to difficulty. This course is meant for a late beginner to early intermediate user. Some one who at least knows the basics of using ON1 to browse and basic editing of their photos. Also a very basic understanding of layers will help. After that, I’ve got you covered and I’ll walk you through everything in a very easy going way.
This course will only work for ON1 Photo 2019. Earlier versions and other software are not covered at all in this course.
The PDF Cheat Sheets are a written outline of the steps for each video (not the bonus start-to-finish videos). They’re not meant to be an eBook that you’d read (without the videos), but rather a written reference that go along with the videos so you can refer back to them quickly if you ever need.
Nope. It’s a one time purchase. You will download these videos to your computer and you can keep them and watch them whenever you’d like.

No, but read on for my thoughts on this. The course is yours to download and watch whenever and however often you’d like. 

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Free PREVIEW videos

Here are a couple of free bonus videos I did leading up to the course launch. They’re free to watch and you can download them directly to your computer to keep.

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