Free Photographers Toolkit

For Lightroom and Photoshop.

by Matt Kloskowski

20 of my favorite Lightroom Presets, Profiles and Textures to help your creative editing and speed up your workflow. 


What you’ll get in the toolkit 

Lightroom Presets

You’ll get a sample of some of my favorite Lightroom presets for adding light and creative looks to your photos.

Lightroom Profiles

You’ll get a sample of some great profiles/LUTs for color  styling that work great as finishing touches. 

Photoshop Textures

If you like to use Photoshop you’ll also get a sample of some awesome textures, as well as a tutorial video.

“Good editing is where taste and skill meet”

Who Is Matt?

If I could sum myself up in to one sentence I’d say that I’m a guy who really loves to teach. When I think about what I enjoy most in this industry, it’s helping people learn about photography and photo editing.

I believe that successful photography (both in camera and after) is where taste and skill meet. 

For me, it’s about Vision. And everything I create is to help you develop your Vision (both in camera and after), so your photos turn out exactly as you hoped they would.



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