Well it’s been one of the hardest longest projects I’ve ever undertaken. But today is the day and we just released… wait for it… The Photoshop System. If you’re on my email list, strap in and get ready to be bombarded for a few days 😉 I promise it all stops and resumes like normal to my bi-monthly updates after Tuesday.

Anyway, the Photoshop System is a new way to learn Photoshop. The idea is that it’s not just a course. It’s a full system to learn Photoshop. Anyone that bought my Lightroom Training system knows that it wasn’t just a course – it was more like buying 15 courses in one.

That’s exactly what the Photoshop System is. It was built from the ground up, in a VERY cohesive and structured way to help you learn Photoshop. If you’re a beginner, then it’s got a clear path for you to follow. If you’re more experienced, then it’s easy to jump in and learn what you want because it is broken up logically. For example. the Selections part of the course has “prerequisites” in the outline. It suggests you watch the parts on layers and masking first.

But if you feel good about those areas, then you can go straight to selections videos, because it doesn’t spent a bunch of time teaching you how to open an image, and how to copy and paste.

Anyway, enough talk. The best thing to do is stop by the course launch page to check it out. There’s a 50% off sales until Tuesday. Anyone that didn’t purchase my Lightroom course during the special release week knows we never gave that price again. Plus, if you buy this week there’s a ton of bonuses that we never offered again either.

Thanks so much for all of your support and ideas throughout the development of this brand new training system. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.

If you want to find out more about the brand new Photoshop System, just click here to head to the page.

See ya!


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