The Perfect Print

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Bonus #2: The Side-by-Side Trap!


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Getting back to the art of the print and having a tangible print to show your photography…

I believe we’ve lost something over the last 20 years. Before the early 2000’s, a print was the only way to appreciate our photography.
Today, we’ve got hard drives full of photos that never see the light of day, and our images are shared across social media websites (and forgotten within minutes of us posting them).
Let’s get back to the print as the way to finish off our photography. It’s the ultimate test to all of the work we put in to these mega-cameras and mega-pixels and mega-editing-tools we all use. The print is why we go through all of the trouble to capture a good, sharp, detailed image in the first place.
Let’s get to a place where our photography now has a tangible product to it (no matter how big or small). Let’s make this an extension of our photography workflow. Know that your favorite photos, family photos, and even the photos that may not be the best – but tell a story – now all have a permanence to them that no website can EVER take away.



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