Submit Your Photo: No Light? No Problem (Vol. 3)

Hi. I’m working on Volume 3 of my No Light, No Problem series and I’d rather edit your photos than just keep using the ones I have. That way, I get a much larger variety and you get a much better course.

To submit photos, the link is at the bottom of the page. But PLEASE read this page so your photo doesn’t get rejected. Deadline is Thursday March 31th, 2022 at 10am Eastern Time.

NOTE: I won’t be able to answer any support emails on this so please read carefully. Thanks!

Requirements / What Type of Photos?

Here’s what I need from you.

  1. The photo has to be one you LOVE but just missed the mark for some reason. Usually the light wasn’t great. Remember, if you don’t ABSOLUTELY love this photo’s content, nobody else will. Any genre is okay. Think Landscape, wildlife, travel, city, urban, people, flower, close up, etc… If it’s a photo of some one else’s art (statue, painting) it probably won’t get chosen.
  2. Blurry photos will automatically be discarded. Technology is great, but it’s not that great. We simply can’t take a photo that is blurry and make it sharp.
  3. Unedited Raw or DNG photos ONLY. If you send a JPG or TIFF the system will automatically delete it after it is uploaded and I’ll never see it.
  4. By submitting your photos you are agreeing to let me use them in my upcoming No Light, No Problem course. You will however, get a free copy of the course if I pick your file. I will also need to include a lower resolution version of your photo with the course download so please make sure you’re okay with that.
  5. No Zip files please. All zip files will automatically be deleted. Please upload each photo individually (see below for naming).
  6. Oh… and ZIP files and JPG images are not allowed and will automatically be deleted 😉

Number of Photos

Please submit no more than unedited 10 photos.

Naming (Super Important!)

Okay, the only way this works is if you name your photos correctly so I can get in contact with you.

Image 1: YourFirstName_YourLastName_1.(RawFile)
Image 2: YourFirstName_YourLastName_2.(RawFile)

ALSO… Please add a Text File or Word Doc: YourFirstName_YourLastName.txt or doc or whatever.
Please include your full name and email address in the text file so I can get back with you if I choose your image(s).

I know this isn’t typical and maybe sounds confusing but please read and/or re-read the above and I think you’ll be okay. I won’t be able to answer any support emails about this, so you’re on your own. If you can use Lightroom and Photoshop, the most difficult software in the world… this should be a breeze 😉

Where / When to Send?

You can click on the link below to submit your photos. You DO NOT need a Dropbox account to do this. It is free, no account needed, and simple to upload.

Note: ZIP files will automatically be deleted.

Click here to Submit Your Photo(s).


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