Texture Blending Photo Challenge

Challenge Closed. See Winner Below.

View Gallery and Learn

Check out the gallery to get inspiration and keep an eye out for update/recap tips and tricks along the way. You can even learn from the new tips and resubmit if you’d like. 

Download Texture and Add Photo

Find a photo to work with. It could be your own photo, a photo you take of your pet, or anything (pexels.com is good for free inspiration). Then, you can download a few of my sample textures to experiment with.

Upload Your Image

Next, upload YOUR FINAL JPG image (no befores or layered files). You can upload a max of 3 seperate images, though you can re-upload edits along the way. However, old images will not be removed. 


The Winner(s)

Congrats to everyone who submitted a photo and also to the runner ups and winner.

Recap Video + Super Fun Tip!

As promised, I’ve done a quick 10 minute recap video with thoughts on what has been submitted so far. 

4 Minute Quick Tip

This video address BY FAR the biggest issue I see with texture blended images. 

Hands On Webinar Replay!

In this webinar you’ll follow along with me, as I show you the basics of texture blending. The webinar is over but the replay is available. Click Here to download the follow along files that go with the webinar. 

Challenge Guidelines:

1. You don’t have to use my texture (do a search on Google for more) and you can use ANY photo you’d like. Wildlife, flower, landscape, person, place or thing. There are no rules. Just have fun and please don’t overthink this too much.

2. Please send a 2000 pixel wide sized JPG and please name the file with your name so I can pick a winner. Resolution and color space don’t matter. Again, please don’t overthink this part too much. Size the image to 2000 pix wide and that’s it. 

3. Please do not upload “before” photos or photos that have not had a texture blended. They will automatically be deleted. Thanks!


Upload and View

Upload a JPG version of your FINISHED photo and view other people’s photos in the gallery for more inspiration.


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