NEW!!! Texture Blending Preset Packs

3 New Preset Packs for texture blending and overlays.

$39.99 Each

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Introducing… 3 New High Quality Texture Packs

I’ve created 3 high quality texture packs each with 15 hi-resolution texture files that are perfect for blending in wildlife, travel / landscape photos, or various still life photography.

$39.99 Each

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Autumn Colors

Paint Spatter

Abstract Textures

What is Texture Blending?

Texture blending is the process of creatively blending textures and overlays over various parts of the photo so that the texture looks like it belongs with the photo and wasn’t just pasted on it. The key is to pick the right subject for the blend, as well as using the right techniques so that the texture ads to the photo and doesn’t use it as a crutch or overpower the image.

$39.99 Each

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$39.99 Each

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Works great on Landscapes, Travel and Still Life Too!

While many people use textures on wildlife photos, you’ll find these work great on all types and genres of photography. Travel, landscape and still life are all great candidates for blending with these textures. 


Best Deal… Get the Bundle with All 3 Packs + 90 Minutes of Bonus Tutorials!


Over 90 minutes of brand new video tutorials on new texture blending techniques, where to find (and how to use) new blending brushes, and brand new ways on how to adjust and modify the textures.

(Click Here to See More About the Videos)

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All 3 for $89.99

What’s Included with the Bundle…

All 3 Texture Packs

3 Texture Blending Packs (Fall, Abstract, Spatter). Each pack includes 15 high quality 6000×4000 pixel JPG texture files. 

Bonus: 90 Minutes of New Photoshop Video

The Bundle includes 90 minutes of never before seen Photoshop texture blending video techniques. (Click for more info)

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All 3 for $89.99

Works in Any Layered Photo Editor

These texture packs are JPG images. They will work in Photoshop, ON1, Luminar or any photo editor that supports layers.

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DOES NOT include free bonus videos (over 90 minutes of new tutorials). The free bonus is only included in the bundle.

Autumn Colors


Abstract Textures


Paint Spatter


Single Texture Pack


1 Texture Pack (15 Textures)

(Textures only)


  • 15 Textures
  • High Resolution 6000 x 4000 pixel JPG files

* Textures are JPG files that will work in Photoshop, ON1 Photo, Luminar and any other photo editor that supports layering files on top of each other. 

Texture Pack Bundle

(Includes all 3)


3 Texture Packs + Videos

(Includes 3 texture packs + 90 Minutes of Brand New Tutorials)


  • All 3 Texture Packs
  • Autumn Textures (15 textures)
  • Abstract Textures (15 textures)
  • Spatter Textures (15 textures)
  • High Resolution 6000 x 4000 pixel JPG files

PLUS FREE BONUS (Click to Find Out More)

  • Over 90 minutes of brand new Photoshop texture blending tutorials and techniques. **

* Textures are JPG files that will work in Photoshop, ON1 Photo, Luminar and any other photo editor that supports layering files on top of each other. 

** The “Free Bonus” videos are ONLY recorded for Photoshop. Because of the techniques and tools I use, most of the videos are only applicable to Photoshop since other programs don’t have the brush capability that Photoshop has. 

BONUS VIDEOS – Free This Week!

Never Before Seen Tutorials and Tips


90 Minutes of Never-Before-Seen Tutorials

If you purchase the bundle this week I’m including (for free), another 90 minutes of bonus tutorials. These are tips and techniques I’ve picked up on my own, as well as popular pitfalls and questions I’ve seen while looking at your photos. Topics like:

  • How and Where to access hundreds of FREE Photoshop brushes for better and smoother seamless blending.
  • How to keep your subject from “floating” in the textured air.
  • How to add or subtract light from a textured background.
  • Matching your subject’s color to the color/tone of the texture.
  • Advanced video on how to combine and manipulate textures so the 45 images you purchase, have thousands of color and toning options.

Don’t Have the Texture Blending Course Yet?

No problem… get them all today.

It all started with my Creative Texture Blending Course released last April. If you don’t have the course yet, that’s the place to start.

This one ranks up there as one of my top two best selling courses ever. You can get the course today as well as both bundles for one low price.

 $109 Course

$119 Textures


1. The Creative Texture Blending Course

Over 2.5 Hours of training on how to naturally blend textures with your wildlife, travel, landscape and still life photos. The course includes:

  • Over 2.5 hours of training
  • All sample photos to follow along with
  • 5 sample JPG texture files to experiment with 

Regularly $109.99



2. The Texture 3-Pack Bundle

Includes the 3 brand new texture packs you see on this page. The texture packs each include 15 high quality JPG textures that can be used in any layer based photo editor. 

Regularly $119.99



3. Free Bonus Videos

Includes the 3 brand new texture packs you see on this page, as well as over 90 minutes of brand new tips and techniques to take your texture blending to the next level. 

Free Bonus This Week


Frequently Asked Questions

What Software Do I Need?

These textures are JPG files. That means you can open and use them in any program that accepts the JPG format which is just about any photo editor on the planet. To blend the textures with your photos, you will need software that supports layers (Photoshop any version, ON1, Luminar, Corel, etc…). 

I have already purchased your "Creative Texture Blending" course. Is this new?

Yes this is new. These texture packages have just been released on October 15th, 2020 and were not available before now. This page IS NOT for a course. This page/sale is for 3 new texture packs. Each pack contains 15 new JPG textures for your blending techniques. There is also 90 minutes of new video tutorials included with the texture pack bundle. However, those 90 minutes of tutorials are tips and tricks that I’ve learned since the original texture course was released. It IS NOT A REPLACEMENT for the course and these tutorials will not teach you texture blending from scratch. They will assume you’ve seen the course already.

I don't have your original Texture Blending course. Can I just buy these texture packs?

Yes can you just buy these. If you feel confident that you already know how to blend images in Photoshop (or whatever editor you use), then you can just buy the textures on this page. 

However, the bonus training videos included in the bundle on this page WILL NOT teach you how to texture blend from scratch. There are bonus tips and techniques that require you to already know how to do the basics of texture blending. 

If you haven’t purchased the course, you can click here and get both the course and these texture packs as a special bundle price this week. 

Are the "Bonus" Videos New?

Yes! I have developed several new texure blending techniques since the release of the original “Texture Blending” course. I’ve also included videos that address some of the biggest issues I saw in many of your texture blended images that were shared with me.

Plus, the videos also included brand new techniques on how to adjust any texture to change color, toning, and more so you can modify these textures for unlimited looks.

What size/quality are the JPG texture files?

The JPG texture files are high quality 6000 x 4000 pixel sized images. If you have an image larger, they can easily be transformed in Photoshop and will still retain near perfect quality. 

Can I use ON1 - or - Photoshop Elements?

The textures are JPG files. So, yes you can use them in Photoshop Elements. However, the video is done using Photoshop 2020 and many of the techqniues in the video will not work the same in ON1 or Photoshop Elements as they simply don’t have the features that I use for blending in Photoshop. 

So to recap… the textures (which is what you’re purchasing here) will 100% work fine in Elements and ON1. They are JPG files and both of those programs support using JPGs. But the “Bonus” videos (which are free if you purchase the bundle, but not actually what you’re paying for) will not work the same. 

How will I install these textures?

Textures do not get “installed”. They also do not get “imported” in to Lightroom (although you could if you wanted to).

Textures are JPG files just like any JPG photo you may take. They’ll open up in any program that will open a normal JPG photo. However, you’ll need a layer based editing program (like Photoshop or ON1) to use them. Lightroom will let you import them but there’s nothing you can do with them once they’re in there.

Still Have a Question?

Feel free to contact support by clicking here.

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Free Bonus Videos

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Get the Bundle: $89.99


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