Lightroom Presets – Big Sky Landscapes

So, we're driving home last night, and I look west toward the beach to see this crazy-cool-cloudy sunset. We live in Florida and this time of year (with all of the thunderstorms out there), you can imagine some of the dramatic scenes we get. So it got me thinking...

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Review: Tiffen Dfx V3 Lightroom/Photoshop Plug-In

I've been wanting to try out Tiffen's Dfx V3 Lightroom and Photoshop plug-in for a while now. So I installed it a few weeks ago and started diving in. I've gotta tell ya up front. I'm a total onOne Software and Nik Software snob. For a while, I've felt that all I...

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Lightroom Presets – Portrait Black & Whites

You'll see there are 4 presets in this download. One of them is an all-purpose B&W effect that I use most of the time. But there's a few others for outdoors, beaches (which is a little different than the general outdoors one, and indoor portraits). Remember,...

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Lightroom Presets – Black & White for Landscape Photos

You'll see there's 4 presets in this download. I went through my photos and realized that most of my landscape photography falls into several categories (canyons, beaches, photos with lots of green in them, and photos with a lot of sky in them). So I created the...

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The Art of the Black and White Print

A while back Dan Steinhardt from Epson and Josh Haftel from Nik Software proposed a class for Kelby Training on Black and White printing. Of course we jumped at it because this is always a hot topic. Plus, you really can't get two people more knowledgable and relevant...

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Lightroom Presets – Adding a Sunflare Effect With a Brush

There's some pretty cool possibilities for creating presets with the Adjustment Brush in Lightroom. This week I have 3 presets that create a sunflare effect that you can brush on to your photos. It's a little different from the normal Develop module presets, but I...

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A Quick Tutorial On the Changes to My Boston Photo

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a photo I took while in Boston. It got a lot of great feedback, but there was one thing that I didn't like in the photo (and it was confirmed by some comments here on the blog). At first, I was kinda lazy and thought it would be a pain...

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Lightroom 4 Presets: Camera Calibration Profiles

I'm heading up to steamy hot New Jersey for a mini-vacation with the family this week. And I thought Florida was hot!? I must have forgotten how bad summers can be here growing up. Look for me at Six Flags, the boardwalk, or Stuff Yer Face in New Brunswick 😉 Anyway,...

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