Week 3 – Editing Your Photos

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Hi all. Welcome to Week 3 Office Hours and Extras. This week we’re going to concentrate on editing photos. Over the course of the first two weeks we’ve really touched on a lot of importing and organizing topics. But let’s switch gears to Sections 6 (Develop Module), Section 7 (Sharpening and Noise), and Section 8 (Saving and Exporting) of the course, which deal mostly with editing.

  1. Week 3 Office Hours (Complete – watch/download below)
  2. Week 3 Top 10 Questions Asked – The Top 10 Questions asked video will be listed here by the end of the weekend (and a link to download it).
  3. Questions… all of your questions from the week are answered below.

Again, keep checking back throughout the week. We’ll be sending out reminder emails too, but the page will update as I create the content and it gets posted here. Enjoy!

Week 3: Office Hours Tuesday October 18th at 8pm Eastern Time

Click here to download the video directly, or just watch it below.

Week 3: Top 10 Questions Asked Video

Click here to Download the video. Or just watch it below.



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