Introduction to Creative Texture Blending

A new 2.5 Hour Course on Blending textures with wildlife photos (and landscape too) using Adobe Photoshop OR ON1 Photo Raw.


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What is Texture Blending?

Texture blending is the process of creatively blending textures and overlays over various parts of the photo so that the texture looks like it belongs with the photo and wasn’t just pasted on it. The key is to pick the right subject for the blend, as well as using the right techniques so that the texture ads to the photo and doesn’t use it as a crutch or overpower the image.



Not Just the “How”, But Also “Why”

Some texture blending can be really simple. Some can be more complex. In this course you’ll get a little bit of both. The example you see below was an 18 minute tutorial that really took me in a lot of different directions and throughout, I explain what I was thinking and why I made those changes. Whether you’re just starting out, or a little more advanced, I think there’s something for you in this course. 





Landscapes, Travel and Still Life Too!

Texture blending isn’t just about wildlife photos. I cover still life and landscapes / travel as well. It’s a really fun way to add something new and creative to your photos no matter what you like to shoot. 


What’s Included…

Course Videos

Over 2.5 hours of training on texture blending using both Photoshop (OR) ON1 Photo Raw 2020.

Bonus: Sample Brushes

This week, you’ll get a bonus texture brush pack of 10 brushes to help enhance or create your own textures. 
NOTE: Brushes are not compatible or supported in ON1 Photo Raw.

Download or Streaming

As part of your purchase you can download the course to your computer, or stream to your computer or tablet. YOU GET BOTH OPTIONS. 


Creative Texture Blending


  • Photoshop Videos **
  • ON1 2020 Videos
  • All follow along photos
    +++++ PLUS +++++
  • BONUS: 5 Sample Textures
  • BONUS: 10 Custom Brushes (Photoshop Only *)

* Custom brushes are not supported in ON1. That means that the brush pack and video on creating your own textures aren’t included in the ON1 version.

** Please see FAQ below about version specific features I use.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Software Do I Need?

There are two versions of this course. One is for Adobe Photoshop and the other is for ON1. (Two separate versions – I do not use them together)

I use Photoshop 2020 in the videos. Most things will work in earlier versions but I do use “Select Subject”, “Profiles” and the “Camera Raw Filter” which are not available.

If you use ON1 Photo Raw you’ll need version 2020 or 2019. 

Can I Watch On My Tablet?

Of course! This has a streaming option that will let you watch on tablets (internet required). Is is also downloadable. You get both, so no need to decdie. You can download it to a computer and then transfer to a tablet as well, to watch without an internet connection.

Can I use Photoshop Elements?

Many of the techniques covered will work in Photoshop Elements. It has the same Layers, Blend Modes, and mostly the same brushes (but not all of them). However, the methods I use to make selections will not all work in Elements the same way. If you’re an intermediate level user, then I think you’d be able to adapt and still get a lot from it. If you don’t feel you can look at the tools I’m using and adjust to make selections using Elements optoins, then I’d skip this one. And remember, there is a 30-day money back guarantee if you find it doesn’t work for you.

Is This a Photo Painting Course?

No, this adds texture to backgrounds and various elements of photos. But it is not about photo painting. Honestly, if that’s what I were going to do, I would just use a plug-in as there are many out there that create paintings.

What Skill Level is This Course?

This course can be for a late beginner all the way up advanced. As long as you know the basics of how to use a layer and basic brushes, you’ll be fine.

But if you’re an advanced user, please make sure you go at this with the right mindset. I (most likely) won’t be teaching new tools or some tool you’ve never seen before.

But I will show you the creative mindset of how to make images like this stand out from the crowd. In a nutshell, this course isn’t about advanced and little known tools or settings. It’s about learning how to use the tools you already know to make compelling texture blends. 

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Bonus Free Video

How to Choose the Right Photo for Texture Blending



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