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Starts on Monday January 8th, 2024

Matt Kloskowski’s

Photography FRESH START

Make 2024 Your Best
Photography Year yet!

Fresh Start Begins on Monday January 8th, 2024.

A 3 week program to give your photography life a reboot.

Get a fresh start to 2024 so you feel better and more confident with your photography and photo editing.

Tired of Getting the Same Results Every Year?

You have the potential to breakthrough your roadblocks and get more out of your photography and editing. But traditional training courses and photo projects have failed you.

What you need is a new and entirely different approach!

Is Procrastination Holding you back?

“Perfectionism leads to Procrastination…

So stop trying to be perfect!”

Procrastination holds me back and I’m sure I’m not alone. But, over the years, I’ve learned ways to over come this need for things to be perfect. And I can help teach you how to keep yourself moving forward.

In short… perfectionism leads to procrastination… so let’s stop trying to be perfect and learn how to get things done. 

Also, asking questions about how to make things better is okay.

My goal is to help make sure you’re trying to make the right things better – and asking the right questions.

If you’re reading this right now, then chances are…

Chances are you fall into one (or more) of these categories below. I know because I hear from these people every single day.

Training Overload

If you’re like most people, you have access to lots of great training, but you’re not utilizing it.

Photo Paralysis

You’re paralyzed and not moving. You’ve got photos still on the memory cards, you’re not editing, and you’re not sharing anything.

In a Photo rut

You’re not making photos that you like or you’re not doing anything with the photos you are making.


You have all the gear in the world, but you’re not using it, or you’re not getting the results you want.

Lacking Inspiration

You feel fairly good about using your camera, but you’re just not out there shooting.

Techie Person

You were a software developer or very techie person at some point. So you know everything there is to know about about the techie stuff, but you’re lacking the “creative” aspect to really break through.

Some Things That We’ll Cover

Practicing with Intent
Learn how to practice with intent. How to maximize the time you spend on photography so that you get the most from it and are constantly moving forward.

Understand Where AI Really Fits In

Artificial Intelligence has received a lot of publicity lately. Learn to understand where it really fits in and how you can use it (or not, if you choose) rather than fear it. 

Organizing Your Training and Education
You’ll learn some simple ways to organize your favorite educational material so that you don’t lose it and can find it when you need it most.

Finally figure out what software to use
I’ll go over ways to finally figure out what software to use, and how to really commit to it so that you’re spending your time editing your photos, not spending money (and time) installing things you’ll never use.

Backup, Organization and What To Do With Your Favorite Photos For Years to Come
I’ll be dedicating a large part of Fresh Start to organization and backup. This is different from any fresh start program I’ve done before. Let’s make sure you’re off to a good start so you can work on the fun stuff and have the boring stuff automated and not take up more of your time.

Stop FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) Once and For All
Learn how to stop thinking that you’re constantly missing out on something. That you (most likely) have everything you need in your photography life to make and edit great photos.

You’re not alone!

The vast majority of customer support emails I get each day aren’t from people with technical issues. They’re from people that…

• Have training courses, but aren’t using them

• Simply don’t know where to begin

• Or (this is the biggest group)… from people who are stuck and not moving forward, and usually worried about the wrong things

Don’t start a
365 Day Project!

Though when you’re done you may want to do it, and I won’t stop you, but I’m trying to give you a different way to be motivated.


I'm not sure if this is for me?

I get it. This is very different from the usual courses and videos you see all over the internet.

All of the questions you’d need are below. If you still have a question after that, my guess is that Fresh Start is not for you.

Just keep in mind. You don’t need anything to do this. Just you, and about 30 minutes each week to watch some videos. If you’re wondering about software and gear, you’ve missed what this is all about (and probably need it more than anyone out there).

In short… if anything on here looks interesting to you, sign up and look at the emails. If you realize it’s not for you, I still believe you’ll get your $10 worth in some way. Plus you get a $10 coupon so it’s a wash either way. 

But I truly believe that something in Fresh Start will be worth $10 for you. Thanks!

I'm worried that you now use Lightroom Cloud and this won't be useful for me?

I realize last month that I showed you a different way to view and look at your photos. But remember, that’s all I did. Nothing in Fresh Start requires specific features of Lightroom or Lightroom Classic. Organizing your photos is no different regardless of which program you use and Fresh has never been about specific software and specific techniques. 

So… if you have that worry, don’t sweat it. Any organizing tips I have for you are not software related. 

If I did Fresh Start before... should I do this one?

Yes. If anything it’s a good refresher. Also I’ve changed many of the videos and topics so I think you’d still get a lot from it.

If I don't like it, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately no. Because of the nature of fees that credit card companies take from refunds, it’s not finanically possible to refund you for such a low priced item. You’ll still get to keep your $10 coupon though, so you’ll get your money back in some way. 

When does this start and Do I Have to Follow a Schedule?

The first email will go out on January 8th, 2024. You’ll receive 2 emails each week (Monday and Thursday). Monday will be photography based, and Thursday will be Editing based. This will last for 3 weeks.

As for a schedule. No, you don’t have to follow a schedule. This is about rewiring your your enthusiasm for photography, your time you dedicate to photography, and your approach to learning photography and editing.

If you choose to watch every video the day they’re released… great. I’ll be interacting in the discussion and you’ll get more from it.

If you choose to watch the videos later, no problem. The content is the same. When you choose to use it and what you choose to do with it is up to you.

How will I access the content?

You’ll receive a link to a web page where the content will live. You can save this link for the entire year of 2024 and refer back to it at any point. However, the material WILL NOT be downloadable. 

What is the time commitment?

The videos will be approximately 10-15 minutes each. They’ll contain thoughts or ideas that you can put in to practice, but none of them specifically require you to do anything if you don’t choose.

This is about rewiring your photography, your enthusiasm for photography, your time you dedicate to photography, and your approach to learning photography and photo editing. Even if you don’t take one photo you like throughout the whole Fresh Start program, I promise you it’s about more than that.
This is a VERY different program than I’ve done before. It is purely motivational and thought provoking, with some ideas for photography and light editing thrown in. It’s about helping you feel good about your approach to all this stuff, rather than trying to get you to take a specific photo or have a certain piece of gear.
What if I’m traveling or can’t participate in most of Fresh Start during this 3-week period?

No sweat. Nothing in Fresh Start 2024 is time sensitive. You can watch or participate whenever you have time, or choose to do nothing at all. It’s up to you. Once signed up you will receive the emails and you’re free to save the link and look at them at any point in 2024.

They will however be removed at the end of 2024.

Well, I'm not sure if I can participate. Can I choose later or sign up later?

No, you cannot sign up later. I’m doing this for the next 3 weeks. I’ll be posting videos and answering questions via comments, etc… during this time.

If you hop on board, then great.

If you “think” you want to hop on board, but realize in two weeks that you don’t have the time – no sweat. I promise that any one of the videos I do is worth $9.99 + you got a $10 coupon code for my store. 

If you’re not sure and you’re busy/traveling for the next few weeks then sign up and the worst thing that can happen is you don’t participate. You only paid $10 and you got a $10 coupon in return so it’s a wash. But you’ll still have the links to the videos if you choose to watch later at some point.

In other words, please don’t overthink this. I’m doing it because people liked it and asked me to do it again. If you have the time and want to do it – great!

If not, no problem.

Will the videos be available for me to watch later?

Yes. Every week you’ll receive an email to a web page with the current week’s assignment. If you don’t get to participate then just save the email and open it whenever you want.

Will I learn all the ins and outs of editing or photography in these videos?

No. This is not a photo editing or photography course. It’s more motivational in nature. If that doesn’t make sense to you, then this program is not for you and I encourage you to either look at some of the great courses I have – or get your camera and go out shooting 🙂

What kind of gear or software will I need?

No photography gear is required. As for software, I will mostly be talking about Adobe software (Photoshop and Lightroom Classic) during Fresh Start. But remember… this isn’t a software course. Any software discussions we have will be simple in nature. Do not sign up thinking you’ll learn new editing tips and tricks. 


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