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Webinar Replay

Hands On Lightroom to Photoshop Workflow

Thanks for joining me and I hope you enjoyed the webinar. Take care!

– Matt K


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Course Bundle by Matt Kloskowski

The Lightroom Photoshop Mega Bundle

Make this the year you master your photo editing!


Bundle Contents

Includes 5 Of My Best Selling Products

The Lightroom System

My “System” approach lets you jump in and move around in a systematic way to learn exactly what you need. The Lightroom System contains 10 “Modules” which are courses by themselves. Each module is between 30-90 minutes long. You can jump in to teach module and watch short 5-8 minute videos to learn about exactly the areas you need help with. 

The Photoshop System

My “System” approach lets you jump in and move around in a systematic way to learn exactly what you need. The Photoshop System contains 13 “Modules” which are courses by themselves. Each module is between 30-90 minutes long. You can jump in to teach module and watch short 5-8 minute videos to learn about exactly the areas you need help with. 

The Photography Preset System

Jumpstart your workflow, work faster, and more creatively with my Preset System. Includes 7 Preset Packs (15 Presets each). The bundle includes: Landscape, Ocean/Water, Portrait, Night/Astro, Sports, City Street, and Light and Clean styles. 

The Brush and Gradient System

One of my personal favorite presets. These are brushes I personally use all of the time. It includes 3 Preset Packs (Landscape Brushes, Portrait Retouching, and Dodge + Burn Brushes for adding light). 

BONUS: No Light?... No Problem!

This is a crowd favorite and one of my best-sellers. This course ties everything you learn about Lightroom, Photoshop, and creative editing together to teach you how to add depth and dimension to your photos. 

Here’s What You’ll Get

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Make this Your Best Photography Year Yet!

“This bundle will not only teach you how to edit your photos but you’ll learn the WHY of everything we do along the way.”

If you’re ready to ramp up your photo editing skills with real world and plain English videos, then I think my “workflow” bundle is THE PLACE TO START. 

In this bundle you’ve got my core Lightroom and Photoshop System courses which break LR and PS down in to small managable sections that make learning the things you want most super simple. 

You’ll also get my two best-selling preset systems to help you work faster and get more creative. 

I’ve watched all the videos in the new course and have been thoroughly enjoying it. You said the course is for advanced beginners. I consider myself fairly expert in Lightroom, but I’ve been getting so much out of the course. I don’t think it matters how skilled you are with the tool. It’s more about a new way to analyze your photos to figure out the best way to edit them. I’ve already tried the techniques on some photos I took yesterday and I’m really pleased with the results. Thanks!


From Volume 1 and 2

I purchased this course this afternoon and am already half way through. You weren’t kidding. Easy to watch. Easy to follow. And I’m seeing results in my own photos immediately. Great course Matt!

Another course well done, well written and well presented. This one really spoke to me. I now “understand” why you made the changes. And I feel confident about “how” to make these changes. Keep up the good work.

I love this course. I have already learned so much about making my photos “shine”. I’m watching them all one more time, then I’ll start working on my own ones. Thank you!

Yes! Thank-you! I know how to use my camera, LR, and PS but sometimes just stare at my landscape work thinking “how do I make this so people will see what I actually saw?” I have a hard time knowing where to begin, and, even worse, when to be done. This course is exactly what I have been needing. Thanks for being such an authentic, intuitive, and KIND teacher. You always explain things in a way that makes sense to me. I so appreciate you!

In my 89 years I’ve never once paid for a course or even a texture. Never had the money for these treats. But your comments about this course and how you came to do it really resonated with me. It sounded like exactly what I needed and so I took the plunge and I’m GLAD I DID. Thank you so much Matt. You’re a wonderful
teacher and I’m so glad I found you.  

Learn Your Way

You’ll have the option of downloading each course/system directly to your computer or watch/stream them online. Either way, this is NOT a subscription. It’s a one time purchase and you own it forever and can log-in to watch any time you want. 

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Includes All Course Videos

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The Lightroom System (10 Courses in 1)

30 Days From Now…

Where will you be?

I’d like you to ask yourself where you want to be with your photo editing in one month. You can either be right where you’re at now, or if you invest in your learning you can speed up that learning curve and you’ll be amazed at how your editing style improves. 


Frequently asked questions


These courses and presets are available to download directly to your computer, or stream online. You get both options and the videos are yours to keep forever. 


No, not at all. This is self-paced. When you purchase the course you’ll have lifetime access to it. You can watch them at any time, on your own schedule. There are no specific dates that you need to follow.


This bundle is aimed at the beginner to intermediate Lightroom and Photoshop User. My goal is to get you started if you’re a beginner but also give you everything you need if you’ve already had some experience with the software, but need that extra nudge to get you to the next level. 


Nope. It’s a one time purchase. You will download these videos to your computer (or watch them online) and you can keep them and watch them whenever you’d like.

Got Any questions?

Who Is Matt Kloskowski?
If I could sum myself up in to one sentence I’d say that I’m a guy who really loves to teach. When I think about what I enjoy most in this industry, it’s helping people learn about photography and photo editing. I don’t shoot professionally, I don’t have any trade secrets, and I hold ABSOLUTELY NOTHING back. Do I love the occasional compliment on my photography? Sure… who doesn’t? But what really keeps me going is when I hear success stories from people who have taken my courses. So hop on board, and I hope to hear from you soon 🙂

“I’m a guy that really loves to teach!”


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