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The most complete Photoshop training on the planet by one of the world’s top Photo Editing instructors and best-selling authors. 

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Let’s Finally Master Photoshop
Here are the TOP 3 areas I hear questions about. Click for a quick 60 second clip about each.

Mastering Layers

Layers are the key to learning Photoshop and unlocking it’s potential, so mastering them is a big step.

Selections and Masking

Finally learn how to select, use layer masks, and understand how to make more complex selections.

Removing Distractions

Learn which tools are best for removing distracting elements from photos and retouching images.

What You’ll Learn

This Photoshop “System” is like getting 11 Photoshop courses in 1

The Photoshop System is broken down in to 11 courses (I call them Sections). Each section contains short 5-7 minute videos that make learning Photoshop easy because we just concentrate on one small topic at a time.

Adobe Camera Raw

If you’re not a Lightroom user, this section will get you up and running with Camera Raw – the very first step in editing your photos.

Layers and Blend Modes

By far the biggest part of the Photoshop System. These sections have everything you need to know about layers.

Layer Masking

Masks allow us to work non-destructively in Photoshop and you’ll learn how to use them in this section.

Removing Distractions

Removing distractions and unwanted elements in a photo is one of Photoshop’s most powerful features and you’ll learn the main tools here.

Absolute Basics

For those of you that are brand new to Photoshop, this section will help with the absolute basic things you’ll need for navigating around Photoshop.

Resolution, Image Size

Got questions about resolution and image sizing in Photoshop. This has the answers.


One of my personal favorite parts of the system. Hair, trees… you name it, we’ll select it.

Retouching Portraits

Got some quick portrait retouching to do? This section has the basics and some simple techniques.

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Save over $100 with code “fro”
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Massive Photoshop Keyboard Shortcut Guide
• Access to my private “Ask Matt” Facebook Group
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So… What’s Different About the Photoshop System?

I’ve been teaching Photoshop for over 15 years now. So what’s the big deal about the Photoshop System and what’s so different about it compared to my previous training?

Well, let me lay out for you how most other Photoshop training bundles come to life. First, a 1-2 hour course is created on some specific area in Photoshop. I’ll use me as an example: I created a course years ago on layers because that’s what people asked for. Then, a few months later people asked about selections, so I created another course. But I didn’t really think about my layers course when I created it. Been there, done that, outta mind, outta sight. Plus, I wasn’t sure if these people would be watching that course. And then a while later, I created a course on masking… you get the idea.

Eventually those courses were put together into a bundle, and sold together as a one-stop place to learn Photoshop. Looking back, I don’t think they were. They weren’t created together, in a way where one course knew the other course would be in existence. And because of that, I think it was fragmented, lots of duplicate info, and lots of missing topics that would link everything together.

But nobody would be crazy enough to create 11 Photoshop courses, and release them all at once right? Well that’s exactly what I did with the Photoshop System. I spent a solid 6-weeks working on an outline that was cohesive and tied everything together. And then another 2 months creating the videos.

The result. An easy-to-use system to learn Photoshop that you own. You download and keep the videos to watch whenever you want, however many times you want. It’s got an outline that lists all 11 “courses” within the system, as well as prerequisite videos I think you should watch as the topics get more complex.

For a beginner, it gives you a clear path of how to tackle and start learning Photoshop. For someone that knows enough to be dangerous in Photoshop, it gives you a clear way to jump in to just the topics that you want to learn about without having to watch more basic videos that you already know.

To tell you the truth, it’s a project that I had no idea how I’d tackle when I started. And it’s become one of the projects I’m proudest of in my entire career.

This is an excellent course! You have the heart of a teacher. For more than 10 years I've loved your natural, easy going steady nature Matt. Your explanations are clear and display an understanding of the deep issues many of us wrestle with. Thank you.

Patrick O.

I want to tell you that your Photoshop Course is outstanding. I now have a much better understanding of what I am doing and why I used to get frustrated when I was not getting the expected result. This is a great program and is now part of my go to reference library.

Alec S.

Learn by Doing

Matt’s easy-to-watch short 5-7 minute videos make it simple to watch and then practice.

The videos in the Photoshop System  are short and easy to follow. It makes it simple to jump around and learn just the topics you want to learn about without getting lost or forgetting where you are.  

PDF Cheat Sheets

Comes with a 182 page PDF Cheat Sheet The PDF Cheat Sheet is a quick reference that outlines the steps in every video. That way, you’ll have a quick refresher and something to follow along with while you’re watching the videos. (Note: The PDF is a high quality PDF so you can print it as well)

Visual Shortcut Guide

Shortcuts are the way to become a Photoshop Master

Keyboard shortcuts are the way to really becoming a Photoshop master. This course includes a visual PDF shortcut guide that cuts through all the clutter of the hundreds of shortcuts that exist out there. Instead, I handpicked the best ones so you can master the most important things, rather than get caught up trying to learn them all.


Here a few Frequently Asked Questions. 

As always if you have any questions that aren’t answered here, just press the Contact Support button below. Thanks!

What version of Photoshop?

This course was created with Photoshop CC. Most concepts (layers, blend modes, masking) are the same no matter what version. And many things will still work in earlier versions of Photoshop.

Is this a subscription?

No, this is not a subscription. Once your purchase is complete, you’ll receive an email with download links for the course.

Can I use this on another computer?

Yes, you can use this course on up to 3 computers.

What is the skill level needed?

This course is meant for a beginner to an early-intermediate skill level.

Can I watch on my iPad?

Yes, the videos are compatible with your tablets. You’ll download the videos to your computer first, but you can transfer them to your tablet the same way you’d transfer any other video.

Do I have to follow a schedule for this course?

No. Once your purchase is complete, you’ll receive download links for the entire course. After that, you’re free to watch what you want whenever you want.

Bonus Video #1: The Do's and Don'ts of your Lightroom and Photoshop Workflow

The lines have really been blurred over the years for when to use Lightroom and when to use Photoshop. In this video we’ll take a look at some workflow options.

Bonus Video #2: Help! Which Selection Tool Should I Use To Make Selections

With so many selection tools in Photoshop to choose from, which ones should you be using. In this video we’ll take a look at some of them and which ones work best.

Ready to get started?

Ask a question or contact support (click here). If you’ve got a question about anything please feel free to send us a message. But first, please check the FAQ section. Thanks!

About Matt Kloskowski

Matt is known as one of the world’s top experts in Photoshop. And, he absolutely hates bio’s written in the third person 🙂 Seriously though, I love teaching and photography… in that order!

By being a teacher first, I hold nothing back. No secrets. That’s because my only goal is to help you get better. I’ve been doing this stuff for almost 20 years and consider my biggest talent to be understanding how people learn, and helping them achieve what they want with their photography. In 2013 I was inducted to the Photoshop Hall of Fame, and also have the honor of being included as one of Sony’s Artisans of Imagery.

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